Friday, September 19, 2008

Fear Grips the White Community (Racism)

I was speaking with a white lady yesterday and she said a few things that made me look at this racism issue a slight bit differently. It came to me, that White people are Afraid to challenge the racists in their community.

Kind of like how Black people are Afraid to challenge Gangsters to live better lives, to stop selling drugs, to stop killing one another and endangering others in their communities, White people are also, the victims of Terrorist within. They're known as Skinheads, and the KKK.

New, Nazi's ... right here in America.

Not only do these people despise anyone who's not white, they hate any white person who's not full of hate for non whites, like they are.

Not only that, they harm, injure, and hurt other white people who do not conform to these racist views. So while in my opinion the Biggest Cog that needs to be fixed in the racial problem, is to get white people to stop hating and disliking, disrespecting blacks; White people, (who aren't racist) are quite possibly Too Afraid to do it!

It was a timely conversation, after having listened to David Ike speak on how we have given away our freedom, how we have given away our rights, how we have conformed and allowed Others in our community to Police our behavior, our ideas, and our actions - and I thought, This is It!

This is a great example of exactly what's going on - Racism is silly, stupid, primitive, but ... we have Too many people enforcing it - and THEY Need to be stopped!

... for the sake of us all.

Who's going to have the courage to fight the fights that need to be fought?

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