Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama on 60 Minutes

Obama on 60 minutes part 1

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Obama on 60 minutes part 2

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Obama on 60 minutes part 3

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How can people listen to him, and not want to put this man in Office? Thankfully, so far, the polls show that MOST of us do.


Anonymous said...

hey! i cant get on myspace at the library but i was happy to see that i can get on your website. :) i agree, obama is definately the leading man. to be honest, i dont know a single person who is rooting for mccain.
here at the library they have obama's book.. i was surprised to find it. i was browsing autobiographies and there it was! you should check it out. :) if you havent already, anyway.. he actually has two books.. hmm the first one "dreams from my father: a story of race and inheritance" is the one they have here. im going to check it out. the second one "the audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the american dream" sounds really good as well. actually.. it sounds right up your alley. they have it used on amazon for four bucks. not bad. =D

anyway, ill let you know what i think of the book after ive read a bit, okay? i usually come to the library every 2 or 3 days.

thashow looks really great by the way. my only regret is that they don't let us use headphones so i cannot actually listen to anything.

i hope you are doing well! if you replied to me at myspace i apologize for not being able to reply. filters are annoying but with as many teenagers as they have here, i totally understand. i was kind of surprised deviantart is blocked because of "nudity" lol.. weird.

anyway, a quick update before i go.. i just started my third trimester. =D im getting really excited.. and general news, hmm.. well, im learning to bake. after eligh is born im hoping to get a job in a bakery. its weird isnt it? the turns life can take you on..

**hugs** take care alvin!!

ps heres a short review from amazon: Review
Barack Obama's first book, Dreams from My Father, was a compelling and moving memoir focusing on personal issues of race, identity, and community. With his second book The Audacity of Hope, Obama engages themes raised in his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, shares personal views on faith and values and offers a vision of the future that involves repairing a "political process that is broken" and restoring a government that has fallen out of touch with the people.

undsy said...

hey ive gotten into that book, its really quite good so far. he's as straitforward in his writing as he is speaking, i like that. i think its going to be a book about discovering yourself.. for obama and for anyone who reads it. =D anyway, take care. :)