Friday, May 02, 2008

The race gets Tighter... and so did the Noose.

I heard this morning that the gap is now closed, and Hillary has pulled even.

Congrats Hillary! You just may win the Democratic Nod ... but at what cost?

Should Superdelegates End the race?

It's really too late; Hilary has put pride over what's best for the country. But, the New Age Woman always does this. She is about self... and everyone else later. The Old Fashioned woman would never do this; She would recognize her role as the Mother, the Nurturer, she would realize how important she is, just because she is a woman. She would not feel the need to compete with a man, she recognizes and even appreciates the difference between man, and woman.

In other news... The D.C. Madam Offs herself??

Some skepticism seems to be surrounding the suicide of he D.C. Madam, who talked tough and made threats to name the names of her powerful, gov't clients. Read the message board for this one... lots of people seem to believe someone "made this look like suicide" to protect the names of the men who were using her service.

Fox News talking about it too?

File this one away Under "Conspiracy Theories" ... :)

and now, for my thoughts...

We are on the wrong track in this nation, which was started by Puritans - religious nuts who took a stance on sex that has negatively impacted America; Once again, here we go, punishing people for sex - Consensual Sex - We're not talking about rape, or molestation - we're talking about people who have a desire they want to fulfill, agreeing to get it on.

But it's against the law!

Some laws are neither just, or right.

We need laws against Police Brutality, abusing their power, we need laws that protect citizens from it's gov't - and we need people willing to enforce those laws; We need laws that tell us where murderer's live, rather than just where sex offenders live; Often people committed of sex crimes are not bad people, and didn't do bad things; again we're Not talking about the Rapists, and the Molestors and Abusers; but the guys who found themselves soliciting sex on a street corner; or who met a girl at a club/bar but didn't check her ID - We have a vendetta against people who enjoy sex - and it is completely mindless.

This case was ridiculous - it was so obvious why she was taken to trial; Her clients were too important; No way where they gonna just let her practice her business with so much at stake - and seemingly, there may have been reason for someone to silence her; We'll never really know - at least not anytime soon. The truth however does have a way of rising to the light ... always.

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