Wednesday, May 21, 2008

John Hagee Hates America - West. VA is Racist!

I've been doing this for years now... don't sleep.

Ok so... after watching that, you tell me, what is so Different about what Rev. Wright said??

No really, don't sleep - don't act like this is no big deal; Why is it ok for a White preacher to say these things? Why is there NO Media Slamming of Him?? You do know this preacher supports John McCain right?


SO how come He's not being dragged out on TV and asked to Disavow his relationship with this White Preacher?? Why is this White Preacher not being accused by Fox, and other Media Stations as a Hater of America??

It's the Same Exact Message - that America will pay a price for it's many, many wrongs, over the years, recently, .... I guess anything Black People say in this country is wrong..

My Dialogue continues with you, the True American People - @ - Stay Informed... INstead of passing around Bull Sh*t about who you love, who you dated last, who you kissed, or some other unimportant Garbage - Help END Racism through spreading the Awareness ... Oh, and that's not all...

Think Racism is Dead?

When's the last time you visited West Virginia??

If you've been Sleepin... WAKE UP - Do Something!

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