Friday, April 20, 2007

Shootin At Baldwin...

I have to lead off with this scene from Glengary Glenross.

Alec Baldwin is in the news for his rant towards his daughter; Lots of different views coming out of that one. Such as people need to keep in mind that we dont have all of the facts. We dont know what drove him to that point, all we have is that point.

We do however have an idea of what drove the VT Shooter to his point.

Lots of views on that story aswell; such as the public backlash from the coverage. In the past the media has had the tendency to overkill stories. To spend entire days, even weeks on one story, covering it from every possible angle. They started to do that with this but realized the possible danger of broadcasting this guys message.

They dont want to influence other troubled kids to possibly make the decision to follow in this guys footsteps.

A logical argument - too bad they dont make that decision more often when it comes to reporting nothing but Negative News. Too bad hollywood doesn't make this decision when it comes to creating overly violent movies.

But movies didn't drive this guy to do what he did. According to Cho, he did it because he was sick and tired of being mistreated by 'rich kids' at his college. Perhaps that is a message that needs to be kept silent; the last thing we'd ever want to do is create a world where kids who feel mistreated by their peers lash out using violence.

But is there a lesson to be learned here? Are those the same reasons the columbine shooters went on their rampage? Sick of being made fun of constantly... mistreated constantly... Maybe those kids had to die to teach the rest of us a lesson in common decency - manners - basic human respect.

We truly have to spread the love.

My friends and I were talking, it sounds like the guy really needed to get laid more often. I mean, c'mon folks - would he really have done something like that if he was getting laid? From what I've read and heard most women were NOT interested, at all. Who knows why...

But see that's just it, Love has become "conditional" in our society and that's totally not what Love means. Love means Unconditional, but we've learned or been trained, brainwashed to with-hold our love; Our views on sex are destructive.

Sex, is at it's most basic level a form of love expression. Instead of expressing love, we have become a society of sado-massichist - we take pleasure, in pain.

Women get pleasure from turning guys down nowadays. The Femi-Nazi's have won! They've gotten their way and now, women would rather be with another woman, than with a man. Our gender-respect love-based relationship with each other has changed. No longer do we see each other as gods and goddesses, as important, as worthy of love - but we're afraid of each other, suspicious of each other, mistrusting - this is no way to live.

Some people just cannot take the pain, and for them - they don't mind ending it all in that fashion. While I'm NOT defending this guys actions, I do wonder if we have become a world of cruel individuals, or at least a country who looks the other way when it comes to matters of human decency towards one another.

America was rooted in the hatred of racism, of inequality & of privelledge - that ugliness has remained with us, and often flares up in our society; such as Imus, or Micheal Richards - it flares up in the high schools here in los angeles between blacks and latinos - and the same spirit of division is being found more in men and women, where each is always battling to prove who's better, rather than realizing we're both equal.

None of us have to be nice and considerate towards others but ... should we be?

Has the battle between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger reached the point to where the guy is losing it on voice mails to his 11 year old daughter? What happened in their relationship to drive him to that point? Here's a guy who seems to be doing all he can to fullfill is fatherly responsabilities and, his daughter seems to have been turned against him.

Kim Basinger released this story to the media, not to a judge, or the police - not in some private manner for the safety of her daughter, but for publicity - to win a battle in the war between her and her ex husband - to show the world that this grand and beloved actor is not so gentle and lovable afterall. He's a beast, and a monster, right?

Or is he just some guy who's reached his boiling point? ... some guy who's fed up with mistreatment.

It's long been a theory of mine that women have so much power, and dont even realize it. So often we blame men entirely for their roles in domestic disputes that get violent. There's a common feeling that in those situations, no excuse is a good reason for the man to act the way he does.

That's femi-nazi thinking right there. It's unrealistic, fantasy based.

Sorry but we're hard wired a certain way; Males react in different ways to different situations; but there is enough Evidence based on Common Decisions made by males, to where it almost looks instinctual. When men are put in certain situations, where they feel disrespected, mistreated, attacked - men either walk away, or attack/fight back.

Why roll the dice?

Why put a man in a situation to make that choice, to walk away, or put up a fight - just from listening to Alec's message, he sounds like he's been provoked - is his choice the right choice? a good choice? Perhaps not - but it's a common choice. It happens. Men have made that choice countless times, throughout the history of man.

So, knowing that, dont we as human beings have a responsability to hold all parties responsable here? Kim, the daughter, And Alec? They all played a role right? Sure he should not have yelled or said those things; but who knows what Kim has been doing to him prior to this call; Who knows what Kim has had the daughter doing prior to this call. Who knows for sure if he didn't just snap; enough is enough, I've had it up to hear and I'm not gonna take it any more...

Let us not forget that at our core, we human beings are just animals. We really are.

So let us be mindful of that... in our dealings with others; let us remember that actions spark reactions. Let's all seek to take more control over the world we're inhabiting together...

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