Saturday, April 07, 2007

ThaShow is Back!!

Once again folks I have returned to the world of Blogging... I've been away.

Long story short I got hung up in some mess; My official stance on that for now is, If you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you. =)

But if you do know, I want you to know that everything sounds alot worse than it really is. An explanation is forthcoming, so is a book; When the time is right of course. But since that is so irrelevant to the purpose of thaShow, and since I've been cleared to return to posting, I must say, I've got TONS on my mind.

Black people are Skatin!

I hope the trend continues, and I hope it goes in a positive direction. I dont think it's reported enough but, black people are Moving towards a brigher future; It's taking a while but ya know what... All things do.

Nothing really ever happens overnight. All things are a process of build up - and release; Build up... and release. Seemingly when things happen in a constant flow it's due to the build up that came before; perhaps the bulid up took 1 week, 1 hour - 1 month, 1 year, or many years.

But I must say that I am noticing the skateboard influence in the youth around the city I live in; The style of dress has been flared up a bit, lots of bright colors included; Anything to move black kids away from Thuggin and Gang Bangin is a plus in my book.

Much more to say on that soon.

Why Chat Rooms suck...

I've promised to break chat rooms down soon; But I want to throw a thought your way. For anyone who's ever been a Chatter and you've noticed the decline in chatroom participation by actual human beings... The reason is because people have moved to Discussion Boards.

Chatrooms are Low on "actual topics" and high on "seuxually related" conversation. Discussion boards are very appealing to the woman who doesn't want to be hit on, or the guy who doesn't wanna hit on a man posing as a woman; or be hit on by an adult posting as a child; or hit on a woman who claims to look like J-Lo, but really looks more like J-No.

As I may have mentioned, I have close to 13 years of Chat Experience. I helped create the chat room craze, watched it's popularity rise - and I've also whitnessed it's decline. I thought about writing a book on chat rooms once....

Speaking of books...

The book about my recent ordeal will make book #4 that you all can look forward to. Hahaha... I wonder sometimes when I'm gonna have Time to actually finish all these books floating around in my head. Then the answer comes to me, that Time is always on time.

Every day of my life has been a day that teaches me something new about myself and my purpose for being here with all of you in this Human Experience. It's giving me more and more material to write - to hopefully help others along the way.

I've got a book on Internet Marketing, one on The Matrix Trilogy, and another un-named book that will be based on my adventures with cal-trans... Long story short I'm glad you're still here - and I hope you're ready for thaShow's return.

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