Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I was right about one thing..

Defense does win Championships; Sometimes it can lose a championship too. Da Bears' D got passed on and ran on all day long really - in the rain; Entertaining to say the least, and I gotta say that Prince pulled it off too - in heels.... dude's ecentric though.

So if any of you didn't watch the game, for the game - You tuned in for the commercials. Superbowl commercials have a reputation due to past performers... lots to live up to. Here go a few that I enjoyed...

Moon Office

Taco Bell Safari

hahaha - Ricardo Monteban does the voice over at the end, and tells u how to say Caarne Asada... "say it sexy, sexy" hahahaha

I liked the ones for CareerBuilder aswell - describing the work place, Tooo funny - people are goin at it in this one; and it's all too real, isn't it?!. In fact that's what makes most things funny - realism. Enjoy...

Promotion Pit

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