Friday, April 13, 2007

What Makes Imus Racist...

Allow me for a moment to explain just what makes Imus' comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, racist.

I was driving to 'work' this morning and overheard Jackie Mason, a well respected comedian on the Rogan & Simers show discussing this issue; There were some very sad points of view being shared, but I think lots of white people and (non-black) people share these views.

As usual, white people in the public eye are coming to the defense of a Racist Man - with the same arguments that, "black people call each other that, so why can't we?"

It's so riddiculous to live in a society where white people don't see why that's so wrong; So, I'm going to attempt to explain it.

Black people call each other all sorts of things that black people should not call each other. But Why do they do it?

White people started them down that path.

When I say white people that does not mean every single white person who's ever lived; That does not mean white people who are living today - it means that there were Actual People responsable for Starting the whole "Diss Black People Movement" - and those people happen to be White.

It wasn't just a few white people, so we cannot blame this on any One particular white person; We cannot blame this on a few, specific white people - because when this all began there were Hundreds, and Thousands of White people calling blacks Niggers, Calling Blacks Nappy Heads, and a host of other derrogatory names.

So, White people are responsable for blacks calling each other Nigger, Calling each other Nappy Head, Calling each other derrogatory Names.

I hope the average white person understands what that means now. There is no One or Two, or three Specific White people to blame this on; because more than one, two or three white people took part in Creating a Culture that recognizes themselves as these terms.

So this is a Problem.

The last thing black people need in 2007, is for White people to call us Niggas, Niggers, or Nappy Heads.

It's not okay for white people to do it in 2007, because it was NEVER ok for white people to do it. It's not really ok for blacks to do it, but When blacks do it - it's because of a long history of doing it, that was initiated by the white race.

... By LOTS and LOTS of people in the white race...

So many, that it's easier to sum it up in one term 'white people' - White people are the reason that white people cannot say those sorts of things; And white people Should know better by now.

Telling blacks to lighten up just doesn't fly. Telling blacks to look the other way while white people "continue" to call us niggers and nappy headed hoes, is simply Unacceptable. It does not matter that black people do it - the fact that black people do it, is a sign that the problems started by white people in the founding of this country have NOT been resolved.

Not by a long shot.

If white people (of today) want to make a better name for themselves, they need to reach an understanding of this reality; they need to contribute to the cause of bettering african americans - That is something that's never happened.

There have been a handful of whites who've joined that cause, So few that We actually could name them if we, you, or I was willing to do the research. I might find 100 white people who've worked to reverse the wrongs of their ancestors towards the black race.

Maybe at most, 2,000 - but that doesn't compare to the MILLIONS of white people who have endorsed these negative views of black people over the last 400 years.

After 400 years of being called Nigger, and Nappy Head, and (insert your negative insult about blacks here) - black people began to see themselves as those same terms. Black people have tried to put positive spins on bad habbits passed onto them by their parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other random black people - who all descended from the Same Line of Black People who were put through these horrific experiences & experiments.

The signs are everywhere, that most whites do not care about black people.

So often I hear white people say that slavery needs to be forgotten; but will we ever forget the Holocaust? Jews often say, "never forget!" - and that's acceptable. But if blacks dare suggest thta we "never forget!" - that's totally unacceptable and "When are blacks gonna just move on!"

The hypocracy is riddiculous.

Imus deserved to be FIRED - that racist son of a ... well you know where I'm going with that. These women were not Nappy Headed Hoes. These were College Educated Women playing Organized Basketball to the highest degree possible on their level.

For a White man to refer to them as Nappy Headed Ho's is indeed OVER The line! It's indeed Racist! Because what this white man is doing today, is no different from what white people have been doing in this country for Years.

NO matter how successful a black person is - to white folks, They're just niggers, and nappy headed ho's.

That's disrespectful.

However is it disrespectful when blacks do it? Sure it is. And that's a seperate but related problem that needs to be addressed properly by white people!

And I dont feel most of them get that.

They want to play the, 'well if we can't say it, then you are wrong too when you say it' game; which simply avoids addressing and/or solving the problem - Many of us already know it's wrong. But it's ingrained in our culture!

Help us get it out!

Dont' sit there and condemn us when we're just picking up traditions that YOUR ancestors gave us! HELP OUT! ... Have some understanding for crying out loud; some compassion;

Are white people really just blue-eyed Devils? Immoral beasts who don't care about mankind? That's a view many blacks have come to hold towards white people due to Hundreds and Hundreds of years of mistreatment and disrespect on the part of whites in this country.

IF you're white; your life is your opportunity to PROVE who you are... and to improve your Race. Actions always speak louder than words... but when your words are hate-filled and uncompassionate...

Can you really blame black people for that view?

When Micheal Richards goes on a racist tirade - and white people come to his defense in the media sayin, "Oh, he's not racist... he just had a meltdown" ... When Don Imus (who's made plenty of racist remarks over the years - this is just the ONE that nailed him) calls Educated Black Women, Nappy Headed Hoe's - and white people come to his defense sayin, "Oh, come'on people lighten up!" ... it does not improve the view of white people, in the eyes of blacks.

This is a very serious issue.

And because we (white and black) have not dealt with the issue properly, we're now facing the consequences.

If we don't deal with this issue soon - there will only be More consequences down the road; and who knows in what direction those consequences will take Our Country.

Not racist? The Jiggaboo's vs. the Wannabe's? These racist white people dont even KNOW Spike Lee's movies well enough to know that came from School Daze, NOT Do the Right thing. They don't spend that much time on black people to know that sort of thing. Then again, it's not like Black Movies are playing on every tv station day and night...(remember, blacks only have ONE Tv station... While the white race is featured on Hundreds of Tv Stations...) so if a white person isn't making a concerted effort, they're not going to know the difference really.

Raptors? Grizzlies? - I guess Tennesse girls look cute because they've got a few white players on the team. Oh, and the coach is White. ... but he wasn't racist.

Some random guy... Should having the right to say whatever we Want to say, make it Right to say things that offend others? Hell, I Got in trouble for Saying what I wanted to say. White people (like this one) are so hypocritical when it comes to race & racism. - Not trying to insult anyone? Not trying to hurt anyone? lol.

See, another white person saying the Same Thing.

Yea... blame the black race - for what the white race started. Who Gave the 3-6 Mafia the award? White people awarded them for dissing their own race. But we've lost track of where the problem started - so white people don't feel "they" are responsable for anything that's going on in the black race.

This is sad.

Need I show more evidence?

see... Most white people take the same stance; "it's stupid.. but it's not racist!"

... disappointing.

His intent was to Degrade Black Women ... especially black women who dont look like White women. Why aren't white people more 'versed' in the black culture? What's stopping them from Getting more versed? Do white people even know what Culture means? I may have explained in another blog; if so, check back later and I'll Link it up.

Now, Here's a white guy.. who "gets it!" ...

The shame is.. guys like this are in the Minority. So I'll do my part to ensure that This white guy gets His message out, here on ThaShow.

Colored Fella? .... This guy is re-inforcing the negative views that white people have held towards blacks for years. How do white people fix themselves to defend that sort of behavior?

... why dont MORE white people see this story, the way This guy does?

Serena and Vanessa Williams - animals? ...

Sadly, this isn't about right wing vs left wing - this is about Racism; This is about what's Right, versus what's Wrong. And let's face it people, the right wingers happen to be made up of a majority of white people with "old-school" aka conservative views. The few blacks who are right wingers, tend to agree with those conservative views that white people hold - that it's all 100% the fault of black people that blacks talk about each other in the manner that they do.

I think Imus did the right thing after the fact; sorta - he made a mistake, which we all make - and he apologized for it; sorta; He is indeed racist, and needs to work on changing his view of black people.

I'm glad Al Sharpton tried to educate him about the movie...

A great movie which exposus the very problem that I've been writing about... a problem that was created by white people, FOR blacks; and black people are left to deal with the aftermath of that decision.

School Daze is perhaps one of Spike Lee's most underrated films. Particularly because he addresses the very serious issue of in-fighting in the black race. Views that were given to blacks, views that blacks need HELP in letting go of; Views that apparently, white people need HELP in letting go of also.

The videos from YouTube were chosen at random, and were what showed up when searching for Imus. I could find more videos, with more people saying the same sorts of things; but who's got time for that right? ... I suggest you visit YouTube and take notice of the sheer number of videos from white people defending these racist actions.

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