Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bamboozled Revisited...

Saw a great quote in a video talking about the 'modern day minstrel show' a topic covered by the Great movie done by Spike Lee - Bamboozled - which I've talked about before here at ThaShow.

Here are some great clips from this film... I'll follow it up with a lil background on What the Minstrel Show is - all of this is in keeping with the theme I've started into, about Fox attacking Black America, about the media influencing society with misinformation... and hopefully with some inspiration to break Free.

Casting for the New Millineum Minstrel Show

... you've really gotta see this entire movie to fully appreciate that clip. here's more...

Timmy HillNigger Commercial

Now for some videos 'related' to the theme...

Invisible Black Face

Boss Nigger

You dont think stuff like that has an effect on people? ....

Bamboozled Scene - Mantan & Sleep and Eat

There are many more videos, better videos which bring the point home, showcasing how it's available in Today's Culture. So many times 'film media' has been used to encourage these views of black people... to get black people to see themselves as This Idea; and also to get white people to see blacks as That Idea; making it nearly impossible for the two sides to come together for a better solution.

So long as white people are influenced to believe that blacks are just 'naturally' like this, they will do nothing to help End much of the problem; a problem that is influenced by what's shown in our media, (movie, television, music, newspapers & magazines)

I remember getting into it breifly with a white girl who's pretty High Ranking @ The Souce Magazine. My mere suggestion that her decisions were leading to harm in the black community were shot down, with claims that Jay-Z is more responsable for what's in their magazine, than white people are; That if they endorse it, I should have no problem with it.

This is indeed the mindset that needs to be combatted, and enlightened;

Is anybody willing to help fight "the good fight" ...?

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