Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Excited about Agloco

So after a few days of browsing the Agloco universe - I'm very excited to build this New Internet Company.

That is indeed what this is - a NEW google - a NEW YouTube or Myspace - something that literally every person who uses a PC ... uses while On the PC. That should be the goal and the vision of every person who signs up for this awesome opportunity; Especially if they are doing so to make some money!

Being involved with the Web Design & Development Industry for a while now, being a marketer for 8+ years, and specifically being an Internet Marketer for the past 6, I can honestly tell you that this Agloco Opportunity is a BIG one.

I used AllAdvantage, and Epipo - I did not make LOTS of money but of course I did not have a HUGE team either. The most I had referred personally were 8 people, who referred in total 2-3 - most didn't use the bar each month, a few did - enough to where I made around $50 from doing absolutely Nothing.

Understanding why the past Paid To Surf models failed, is key in understanding why This one will remain strong for many years to come - it's up to Us to grow the company! If we don't grow it, it won't be worth anything, we really won't make much money - but ... if we Do grow this company, and grow it big, we will be sitting on top of a Gold Mine for many years to come.

Who's excited about that??? Click here to sign up today!

We are at MUD Floor with this opportunity... With only 13 referrals, I already am in the TOP 15% of leaders in this company! That's amazing... Imagine where I'll be when People really start learning about this company, and signing up under me - Imagine where YOU will be under my tootalage... =)

If you're interested in learning from me, getting tips and Ideas on how to grow your business, simply sign up on my Agloco team - and show me evidence that you're indeed on my team (a screen shot of the sign up page will be best!) and I will share some Dynamic Network Building strategies with you - so you can Grow YOUR company, within this awesome online Company.

here's to Agloco!! here's to the future ... OUR future!

How to take Screen Caputure Shots

All keyboards come with a handy button near the very Top of the keyboard - there's a key that says "Print Scr" - which stands for "Print Screen" -

  1. Go to a page that you would like to Take a Screen Capture of.

  2. Press that button "Print Scr" when you have the Shot you want. Pressing this button "Copies" the screen to your clipboard, and you can Paste it as an Image (next step)

  3. Open up a Photo Editor - such as PhotoShop, or any program you have that allows you to view and edit photos - open a New file and Simply Paste your screen capture onto that new canvas.

  4. Save the file as a .jpg and Send it to me! It's that simple....

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