Thursday, July 12, 2007

This looks Effing Cool!

Check out this trailer for a new CGI movie ... (I think... I hope!)

I have been a big Fan of the all CGI films movement for some time now - and I just saw Transformers TWICE last week; The day it came out, on the 3rd .. as well as the Saturday that just past. I thought it was Really well done.

The cartoon came out 20 Years ago!! ... I was a young boy then, and really enjoyed coming home to watch the cartoon - the battle between the Autobots & Decepticons, and was there to see the first Cartoon Movie, where they made one of the BIGGEST mistakes EVER by killing off Optimus Prime!!

Personally I dont think the franchise ever recovered from that blunder; the cartoons they put out since, featured diminishing story lines - most Not of intrest at all - and I think they were Thankful, very thankful that Steven Speilberg came along to save the day...

They did a Wonderful job in my opinion of bringing these Robots to life - these childhood 'heroes' so to speak and I'm hoping for Mnay more Transformers Movies to come...

I'm a BIG Fan of CGI - I think it gets better and better all the time; and if you took a moment to watch that Preview for the EON movie... which I Hope is a real movie and comes out soon... you can see what I'm talking about.

Did any of you reading this ever see Final Fantasy??

I LOVED that film, but wish they story line would've been more thought out - wish it would've ended better than it did; and I really wished they'd come out with more movies like it.

If I had enough money, I'd produce LOTS of all CGI films - because I think there definitely is a Market for them - especially as time and technology progresses forward.

I hear they are making a G.I. Joe film now... I can only hope they opt to go 100% CGI in order to ensure that there is NO Limit on the Action they can create - No limit on making the Characters Look as Real as they did, and as Close to how we (speaking for all those in my generation, the 30-40 year olds) remember them.

I was a BIG time G.I. Joe fan as a boy, had lots and lots of the toys, and felt it was one of the best Cartoons of all time; even better than Transformers.. which was pretty effing cool.

Leave your comments - tell me how you feel about All CGI movies and if you agree with me that there is a market ready and hungry for these types of projects to Flood the movie theaters near you...

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