Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh ... Top 9.47% & why is Myspace Hating??

I noticed something a few weeks ago when I first began promoting the wonderful FREE opportunity Agloco on Myspace - that myspace was Re-directing any and all links To agloco back to MySpace. Why is that?

What do they have against the company I was thinking; perhaps they're competition...

Perhaps Tom is afraid of Agloco taking away some of their advertising Dollars if this company can come along, with a HUGE network of people using the Bar while they surf the internet.... this could be bigger than I originally thought.

And if you've been reading my thoughts here on thaShow you know I think very highly of this bar - So much so that I've now dedicated 2 posts Back 2 Back to showcasing my progress in the company.

We're up to the top 9.47% in the company now ... This is extremely ground floor.

Here's where I stood last time ...

Anybody can do this - it's So very simple; All this means is that in a few short days, I've earned over 12 shares in this company. ... So far!

Imagine the possibilities - if you join, it's all about having a Network of people who you've spread this information to. That's what matters most if you truly want to take advantage of this. Be the reason that agloco becomes Viral!

I've also noticed that all links, and banners that I have up on my MySpace page that link to thaShow no longer work either; I'm guessing it's because of my partnership with Agloco.

Myspace has some sort of Link system going where they enter in the names of all the 'bad links' and from that point foward any links pointing to sites on their bad links list will no longer work. Sucks really...

I'm going to see what I can find out about that.

talk to you soon!

... oh and remember; You could be getting paid right now!

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