Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moving on up! in Agloco

I've moved up ... I'm now in the top 10% of members with referrals for Agloco; I'll get a graphic posted soon.

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Agloco is a really good, really simple Opportunity; It really is something that I believe in. It's gonna grow, and if you're not involved now, you're just gonna miss out and kick yourself later. It's Free...

If you're surfing the net right now, what good reasons could you possibly have Not to get involved?? I've actually talked with a couple of people who didn't want to do it; They didn't give me a reason why though.

Asking for it only bothered them... which is too bad really.

They see me as the bad guy, now - In 5 years they'll regret treating me that way. What If I'm wrong though? What if all of this turns out to be worth absolutely nothing?? Well it was FREE!

So I've lost nothing - the respect of peers? Truth be told, respect comes and goes. No offense to the masses out there; but most people work 9 to 5's and do not spend much time at all studying or disecting business opportunities. This is a real one - if they don't respect me it will have little to nothing to do with whether or not Agloco panned out.

Because if they are a student of business; they understand that there are NO Garauntees In business.

There is only Opportunity - and Opportunity alone.

When gold was found in San Francisco, it was no Garauntee that moving out west and buying land was going to result in Striking it Rich; But the opportunity was there. Lots of people got Rich.

Investing in Google 5 years ago, was a Risk - there was no Garauntee that the stock was going to rise to $520 per share ... Only the Opportunity.

This is what you must understand if you choose to get involved with using this bar, and more importantly, Growing a Network - You must be able to conquer the fear of what other people will think; Not everyone's opinion is Qualified enough to matter That Much - when it comes to Business Opportunities.

The truth of the matter is, IF Agloco pans out - and IF you have been using the bar, building up hours and hence shares in the company - IF this pans out you could be sitting on top of a gold mine - literally.

So what do you have to lose by NOT getting involved? A Potential Gold Mine that you don't have to pick up and relocate for - that you don't have to part with any Money to hold shares for - where all you had to do was do as you normally do, and surf the web like you normally do - and that's it.

You don't wanna miss out on that do you? Join today!

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