Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Agloco: A really simple Affiliate Program

It's known as affiliate marketing.

People who actively participate in affiliate programs; where they get a % of comissions and sales that they helped make possible; To help lend some credibility to this practice I'll just state that Amazon uses an affiliate program; so, there ya go.

If Amazon can use it, why can't Agloco? or any other company for that matter...?

Well fact is many companies do - many websites offer affiliate programs where a normal person with some sort of web knowledge can grab html code to place banners on their blogs, websites, myspace pages, and so on. These banners include 'affiliate code' which links any sales made on that Affiliate Site automatically deposit $$$$ into the account of that lucky affiliate.

With Agloco, you're going to get a % of the sales that Agloco makes, just by using the bar. If you're smart, you'll refer a huge network of agloco users just to ensure that you can get an even larger piece of the pie.

This is going to be BIG because it's FREE and extremely Simple - it's also an accepted form of Making Money on the internet.

Joi my team - here's my "affiliate" link - http://agloco.com/r/BBDR8973

For more info on Amazon's excellent affiliate (associate) program, click here:

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