Thursday, July 19, 2007

Top 12.6% in Agloco ... already

Ok, I'm going to do something that MOST of the Top Guns in Agloco won't do - and that is show you exactly why this is a Mud Floor Opportunity.

I'm going to show you how many Referrals I have, along with evidence that I really am in the top 12.6% (as I type this) - and afterwards will explain Why this makes so much sense to hop on right Now!

... other than it being FREE ...

See that? 17 Referrals - and I'm in the TOP 12.6% ....

I signed up back in March, but didn't start promoting till the bar was released; and honestly, I lagged on that too. What a mistake... I should've been recruiting since March!!! Anyways, I honestly have only started promoting this 3-4 days ago.

And already, look at where I'm at.

If you don't have VISION - opportunities like these don't look like much at all. When I tell people things like "This company is paying out shares and cash in the future, but it's an un-named amount." ... They don't get too excited.

Mostly it's because they do not Understand a few things; They don't understand stocks and shares in a company; They don't understand Advertising online; They don't understand that Google was once a company no one had ever heard of; but because people kept using them to search for things online, google's value grew, and grew and grew... They don't understand a MUD Floor Opportunity.

If 17 Referrals puts me in the TOP 12.6% in this company, that means this is a MUD Floor Opportunity.

Ground floor is good - Mud floor is even better... sometimes. If this company gets BIG, the people who are in the Mud Floor phase will have much to say about that happening. Once it begins to bubble, that is when it is officially a ground floor opportunity; once the seeds have been planted, and the foundation is strong - once it's pretty certain that the company is Going to be a success - and from that point it'll go from Ground Floor - to a great opportunity - and who knows what'll happen 3 years from that point... or 5 years from that point.

It's either gonna Flop, or Fortune.

If it Fortunes do you really feel ok about Missing out? Knowing that all you had to do was join, and download a silly bar to run While you surf the web? The bar is tiny, it's like having a Google and/or Yahoo Toolbar on while you surf the web. The difference however, is they'll Pay you for having an Agloco Bar running.

Sign up today!

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