Friday, April 07, 2006

Time Traveler's prediction

I hope it doesn't come to this - but I have talked about it in chat rooms, during racial conflics about how the possibility of a Civil War, based purely on racism is quite possible. Only I had my idea a bit backwards; I used to say black people would get so fed up with this treatment that we'd eventually strike back... but sadly over the years I've come to realize that black numbers are far too small for something like that.

Numbers ...

I listen to a crazy radio show called Coast to Coast AM - comes on 640AM on the radio station out here, around 10pm - and goes till 2am, then replays - but they talked about a time Traveler on the show last night, some guy named JT Litier, and anyways he supposedly came back from the future, from 36 years in the future and posted all kinds of predictions on the internet - one of which talks about a 2nd Civil War in America - and how it involves Spanish.

Sheds new light on what this could turn into, because of numbers - it's important that we work together, have dialouge and consider our options; that we find a peaceful resolution to this current situation.


linds said...

hey alvin


hmm very interesting. a time traveler? if that was me listening to the show, id be changing the station, ya know? your a very loyal fan, apparantly! ^_^

im excited about the podcasts!


Al King said...

yea, it's definitely one of those cases of, "If you believe in that kind of stuff" - i don't know if I believe in that or not - but I do believe in keeping an open mind until there is a difinitive answer on any given topic.

thanks for stopping by linds - come back soon.