Thursday, April 06, 2006

Movie ReViews....

Two movies that I'm going to be sure to give plenty of air time, are The Matrix Trilogy & V for Vendetta; Both movies written by the Wachowski's, and if you didn't before - you will have a whole new appreciation for The Matrix Trilogy & if you have not yet seen it, Do so before listening to thaShow because V is Mind Blowing - Relevant to today - and is a movie everyone in America Must see!

Pretty strong feelings there huh...

Well why don't you check out the movie and let me know if You come out of there with any strong feelings; some intriguing points are made by an intriguing story - one which I wasn't sure I was going to like when it first got started - but 5 minutes into the film and I was ready to go wherever that ride was taking me.

As for The Matrix.... wow - we don't even have time for me to get into that one - you're gonna enjoy the new insight - while others who already love these films should really enjoy the discussions about these movies and their "Relevancy" to our lives - BookMark us - come back soon!

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