Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why Love Kobe Bryant?

I'm a big NBA basketball fan - love the game, love the Lakers, and am Lucky to cheer for a team that has had So many greats - Saw a wonderful article written today on which I'll provide a link to - and the entire article aswell in just one moment.

First I want to say that Audioblogger Sucks major buttocks.

And back to ThaShow - it's coming - stay tuned - working out just 'exactly' we're going to talk about, and what format we're going to take. Lots of commentary on subjects that I'm sure you'll find interesting, Kobe Bryant is a subject all in itself.

It has been, for a very long time - and especially due to his Split Popularity; I think that accurately Describes the guy - and the conversation - like his commercial you either Love or Hate this guy... As the NBA wraps up it's season and prepares for it's Second Season; the well anticipated Playoffs - Here's the #1 moment from a season of great moments - for us to reflect on the Historic Season, of #8 - Kobe Bryant.

"if you line the Picture up "Eighy One Reasons to love him" - the story should fit real nicely into the frame."

That's an extremely well written article about one of the greatest basketball players to grace the game - ever - and Forget about that rape case - forget about his fueds with Shaq... and even with Phil - Things happen to all of us when we are young that we grow up to regret doing; So let's be realistic and fair when we think about Kobe Bryant.

It would be a tragedy if this guy doesn't win MVP for the year he had, and it would mostly be due to how people Feel about his actions; as if everyone is his Parent and has a need to punish him for behavior they don't approve of - for things he did 2-3 years in the past.

Stay tuned for more commentary on this SuperStar living Legend - could possibly be a topic on 'thaShow' - whenever it's ready to be released...

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