Friday, March 31, 2006

Like all the ads???

I sure do - Hope they don't get in the way too much - I'm actually going to create a few "graphics" to help you all easily seperate out the ads from the content on this page - Lots of big plans are in the works for ThaShow - and I hope you're all telling people that this is gonna be something they want to pay attention to.

I don't want to let folks down - but somehow I just have a feeling that I won't - because the topics that Need to be talked about - are intriguing enough by themselves. Did you read the article I shared recently - "Does anyone think this is fair" ?

I found it on one of the news websites - and thought it was very interesting that nearly nobody I talked to had heard of it - so much goes on like that - things happen and the masses just don't hear about it. By the time it's a new law - it's too late.

Why are we so asleep at the wheel? Just what will it take for Americans to tune American Idol Out, and start tuning IN to "What's going on in America".... ?

So many things to talk about - and I can't wait to start talking to you.

stay tuned....

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