Friday, June 30, 2006

Titles are on the way - Big winners, Big losers.

Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by ThaShow's blog page...

There are lots of untitled Audio blogs on here, that will be recieving titles and some will even get some written commentary aswell.

For now I wanted to post a Link to a very good story; I've got audio comments coming up soon about This story -

Just in case something doesn't work out with that Link, the entire link is below.

One of these links should take you to the story to read about people who won a HUGE mansion, but now can't afford it...

This is the case with most 'instant winners' of huge sums of money. Most are not really prepared mentally for what it takes to be a Millionaire. It's a process that takes years to learn - to think Like millionaires do, and manage your money like Millionaires do.

You cannot give a person what they have not earned, worked hard for, and/or prepared for. If you do, chances are it will not last.

There's a good saying that really sums this all up; "If you were to take all the money from everyone in the world, from all the Rich people, all the poor people, middle class and so on, and divide it all evenly between everyone... In a year all the money would be back in the same people's hands."

What that means is, people who are rich, are not rich by accident or by chance or luck either. You can be born into wealth and lose it simply because you didn't learn what your parents asked you to learn .... or for some odd reason your parents did not teach you How to hold onto your wealth. Wealthy parents who Do teach their kids that, and kids of wealthy people who Learn what their parents are teaching them, often Grow and Double or Triple the fortune they were born into.

Anyways, read that story, and check back soon for my audio comments about it, aswell as some Titles and commentary on the previous audio blogs listed on our blog page.

I've also got some rants about Internet Explorer, and how it's recent changes are steadily becomming a Huge pain in the ass.

Firefox anyone??

Alvin King

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