Monday, November 10, 2008

More Discussions on Prop 8: Fine Line & Kokema

Some good videos, thoughts and discussions on prop 8

Part 2 ...

Some really good thoughts, by a very intelligent woman. I don't agree with all of what she says, but she raises some Very Good issues.

Below is a discussion from "Fine Line" - which is very good, and worth listening to. But first let me address some of what she is saying.

Interracial Marriage is about a man, and a woman. Gender is not the same as sexual preference. She raises the point, that it's inconclusive if homosexuality is Nature or Nurture - which is indeed the Biggest Unsettled aspect of this argument.

There is no question however, on if you're born black, or born white - born a man, or born a woman. What happens after that, generally has more to do with environment than 'genes' - sure, genes play a role ... but, that's all it does.

Why do people join gangs? Were they born a gangster?

Why do people practice racism? Were they born a racist?

Why do people practice religion? Were they born religious?

Silly questions To some I'm sure - but for some reason it's not silly to say...

Why do people practice homosexuality? Were they born homosexual?

The answer, to me, is clearly no. This was something they chose to do... often for various reasons. What people learn at home, and from experiences they have, has a great deal to do with who, and what they become.

Studies show, that wealthy people THINK differently from poor people - Different influences create different results. Men who sleep with lots of women, were often raised differently from Men who make a concerted effort Not to sleep with lots of women. Same goes for women who sleep with lots of men, vs those who do not.

What I'm saying is, People who are gay, experienced a different environment from people who are not gay. I've had gay friends ... They were from single parent homes; often raised by women, with not much Male influence.

My father gave me something very different than my Mother. It has everything to do with the chemicals flowing through our bodies; that makes us view the world differently. Men don't see all subjects the same way Women do... like sports, or shopping. Below, is a very good discussion from people who are addressing this issue further. My hope, is that you'll listen to what they're saying, and not just discard it because it doesn't fit your views; Listen, because it is possible your views are simply misinformed...

Isn't banning gay marriage the same as banning Interracial Marriage?

You're trying to impose your religion. What about separation of church and state?

Half of marriages end up in divorce, so why not allow same-sex marriages? Maybe they'll do better statistically?

Often here in America, we do not research topics - we let someone Tell us what to think on Issues. Look into his comments about Norway and Sweden; See if what He's saying is true ... or not true.

Isn't it true that kids need a loving family regardless of whether it's with a mother or father?

Why shouldn't homosexuals have the same right to marry according to their orientation?

Same Sex Marriage Doesn't Affect Me. Why should I be against it?

A very good conversation there folks... I hope you listened.

This issue also speaks to our current Misunderstandings of Gender. I speak on this often here at ThaShow, that our Relationships are suffering; our Views of Gender are off base - and this problem is mostly being created by Feminist - who just so happen to hate men, and often tend to be gay.

By undermining the Importance of Gender - many are misinformed about the differences between men and women. These Differences should not be used to elevate one gender over another, because like is the case with many successful "teams" - Not all players have the same abilities - but working Together their strengths and weaknesses balance out - and goals are achieved.

Again, this 'waterned down' view of Gender, like racism towards blacks, that All is the same, when all is NOT the same, confuses people. Men and Women are NOT the same.

So, "marriage" between a man and a man or a woman and a woman, is NOT the same as marriage between a Man, and a Woman; it's a totally Different game.

I think what is also happening is, people are Ignoring the other side of the argument. They get on the side that it's Right, that it's just like everything else, and then, they refuse to consider the possibility that its Not the same; So they Ignore any argument that says it is. It's important to Listen... to both sides.

Feel free to leave your comments on this matter below...

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Al King said...

A quick comment on pedophilia, beastiality, and homosexuality.

These are NOT all the same. No one is harmed by homosexuality. Gay people participate in it of their own will.

The same cannot be said for children, or animals.

A better comparison would be Polygamy. Pimping & Ho'ing too can fall into this category. If we're going to give gay people rights, let's allow pimps to Pimp, HO's to HO, and Men or Women who want to marry multiple spouses, let's let them do it too -- because it doesn't harm anybody...