Thursday, December 13, 2007

Agloco is Down for the count.

Is this sad news? No, not really... it's a bit disappointing as it now is beginning to look as if this Agloco Idea isn't gonna work out afterall.

There have been quite a few blogs out there that have tried to sum up why this idea failed; I have a few of my own; But I wanna start out by piggybacking on an idea that may be Most accurate.

Advertisers know that Agloco members would purely aimed for the money and won't buy anything from the advertiser. With low conversion rate, most advertisers just abandoned Agloco

I think that's a very valid explanation; That combined with (my reasons) the fact that Not enough people jumped on the banwagon. I know that out of all the people I talked to about it, only 4 signed up. My friend T, My mom, My Sister... and that's it.

I did however manage to get close to 40 people referred, through my various websites, newsletters, and so on; I accumulated close to 60 shares in the company... but the truth is, most of the people who signed up under me, referred no one, or not nearly anyone.

You've seen the graphs; My almost 40 people had me in the TOP 5% .... That should let you know a couple of things.

This was still a very ground floor opportunity; It also says, Not that many people have made referrals.

So when you combine this, with the reason stated above, Agloco was just not attractive enough to advertisers.

I got the email they sent out to the affiliates... they say they've not given up; I hope they find a way to recover... but for now, it looks like they're Down for the count.

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