Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mike Klingler's thoughts on Agloco

As promised I'm going to share the email I got from Mike Klingler, regarding Agloco's seemingly eminent demise. Who is Mike Klingler?

He's a self proclaimed successful internet marketer - When I joined Agloco I came across his website, and saw it as a source of possible leads and referrals for the Agloco Opportunity; So I joined his email list; IN that list, Mike would send out tips and tactics for how to grow your Agloco referrals;

Essentially he's someone with expertise who shares his knowledge with others who are seeking to have his same results; I do something similar; THere are tons of guru's out there; What you must come to realize is, there are lots of great teachers; and a good student is willing to learn from them all.

So, I'd like to share the majority of his letter, because he raises some very valid points; reasons that may have led to why this opportunity didn't work out. Then, I'll share some more of my own ideas that I've kicked around in the last few days, in wake of this announcement.

Hi everyone,

If you didn't get the email that Agloco recently sent to the membership it basically said they are throwing in the towel... in other words, they don't want to invest into the concept any longer and are probably going to fold up shop. For my foreign friends reading this, that means Agloco has admitted they are most likely quitting.

I can't say I blame them. If you aren't making enough money to pay the bills you have to do something differently. They have no experience with marketing so they really only had one shot and it looks like they missed... that is no reason to be upset with them or yourself if you believed in it. It's called business and if you haven't been a part of failure than you are a long way from success. So chalk this one up on the board as a failure and realize it just puts you one step closer to the big win.

(Below I will give you an extremely valuable suggestion about what you can do next to gaurantee your success... which means to stop promoting programs until you do one very important thing first... I explain below).

But first, here are my final thoughts on Agloco...

My personal opinion is that Agloco failed because they didn't know enough about Internet marketing. They had vision and some youthful energy with good educations, but they didn't know how to monetize a web site or community.

It would have been easy and inexpensive to create a social networking platform and generate cash flow. It also would have been extremely easy to attempt to monetize their Agloco site as well.

They also could have monetized their email list---which was over a million... by providing value and in exchange selling various information products. They could have made some good money by following common sense monetization strategy, but they did not have that experience.

Their mistake is common--it's called tunnel vision. They wanted a view bar. They envisioned a business model with monetizing a view bar. So that's all they did. And since that clearly requires a lot more resources to develop, they could have only saved themselves by creating income from new sources from the community they established, which they just didn't know how to do.

So there we have it. Agloco is most likely dead. Let's get over it... now what?

I do not believe that business stands still. Just because a good idea doesn't work the way you want it to... that is certainly no reason to quit on your dreams. People are doing extremely well financially with the Internet (I can include myself in that group, and I personally know dozens of people who have created anywhere between a six figure income on up to tens of millions (yes, really). Maybe all you want is a couple hundred or perhaps a few thousand per month... I don't know. What I do know is that you can do it much more easily than you think.

It's easier than learning how to play the guitar--I can promise you that. But it's probably going to require more work than most people are willing to put in (in fact, I can say for sure that most people are not cut out for anything more than a job). Only you can decide if you're willing to stick at it. If you are, I would be happy to guide you along the way with tips and tools... some of them completley free.

There you have it; Some very valid points raised by Mr. Klingler - specically how Agloco didn't really focus on the bigger picture; how they lacked, Internet Marketing Experience.

This is not something that anyone should jump into expecting immediate results; In my opinion they threw in the towel Way too early; They're bailing ship at the first sign of trouble instead of sticking to it (as Klingler suggests) because in the end, that is what seperates the successful business from the failure.

Some people are just not cut out for business ownership, of any type; Some people are just not cut out to take advantage of opportunities; Truth is, some people have been trained their entire lives to be an employee - who waits for instruction doesn't step out of bounds and takes very little risks.

I'm not here to knock that lifestyle; I'm not here to profess that one path leads to more happiness than another; Especially since it's a well known fact that there are tons of Unhappy Broke people, and Tons of Unhappy Rich people as well; So money does not bring happiness; Nor should it; Truth is, happiness is attained from your path in life, and how fullfilling it is to your soul; your being, the core of who you are - the Self inside of your body - the consciousness - the spirit.

Our body, our lives, are only a vessel that our Soul uses to experience Happiness, Joy, Excitement - some even argue that we come into this life to experience the full gambit of emotions; the good, as well as the bad.

But back to Mike's letter - he mentions that part of business, is failure - you cannot truly appreciate success if you've had no failures; and if you've had no failures you have not truly succeeded - afterall, much of success is Learning from Falure; From overcoming obstacles presented by previous failures; overcoming doubt - from self and from the people we know and love, who often discourage us from reaching for our dreams because They feel those dreams will never materialize for us.

We should never let another person's lack of belief effect our own; Many people will believe in God, while others do not; in spite of people telling them that there is no way someone you cannot see, hear, feel or talk to is real; People often do not allow non-believers to effect Their belief - but when it comes to business, to making money, to life, we seem to forget how strong we truly are - how we possess the ability to ignore ignorance and doubt from outside influences; to believe in what we know is true.

Agloco could have worked - but they did not have enough people; They had over a million... but they needed over 100 million; Some suggestions he makes are nice; such as a Social Networking site; that would've really helped sustain momentum and excitement in the opportunity; Could have made Agloco more Viral ...

The email list he speaks of, also is an excellent idea; more so for the individual internet marketer; but would have still worked for Agloco, IF they would've treated it right. They didn't.

They were too concerned with bothering people; They had all of our emails; Weekly notices SHOULD have been sent out; Ways to keep people motivated, and interested in Using the bar; Lots who signed up, would forget to turn their bar on when a new month rolled around. They failed to plan out an Email, Marketing & Motivational strategy;

An email list is a great way to gather names of people who Want to buy something; People who want more information; People who want to know what you have to say; You cannot beat opt-in email lists. They're the absolute best; People cannot call what you send out spam, because they requested it. And often they are much more receptive to what you are sending because.... They signed up for it!

Often, they're looking for it; they're awaiting the next email from you - They'll open it, read it, and some will even respond - or Act! They'll buy what you're selling, visit the site you're promoting, and keep coming back.

Another great idea that Agloco missed, which many including myself suggested, was a way for you the member, to email your downline, or your network of referrals; A great way to energize a sales force is communication; No communication = no motivation, no energy, no sales....

This great idea, poorly executed, can serve as a great lesson to any of you who truly paid attention; Failures are great teachers; Robert Kiyosaki speaks about this in his best-selling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" - how his Rich Dad advised him to Learn from failures; Look at what people who have failed have done; the choices they've made, the actions they've taken; and Learn what NOT to do.

Another viewbar, get paid to surf opportunity may arise; and My advice - Get involved; Sign up; See what you can do to help that company become a successful venture; Plan it right; Take steps that will help ensure success by doing what Successful Internet Marketers have done;

Myspace is a great example; So is YouTube; When someone adds me as a friend, I get an email; When someone sends me a message, I get an email; These are default settings; You can turn them off, but initially, what they do is bring people back to the site; Most people are so consumed with accepting add requests, and responding to emails that they do not have time; and sometimes don't have interest in turning these notifications off; Or they can; They can customize it; They can make it their own.

That concept appeals greatly to todays Internet User; YouTube works the same way; and while its true, the concept of earning money did and always will turn people off, people who are Uneducated about Business models; if done correctly, agloco Could've worked! ...

I'll wait for the official announcement before I take down all of my banners; but I'll also be sure to inform and educate those who visit my domain ... about why this business hasn't worked; so that people can learn from it and perhaps fall into a venture that set up to succeed. I'm Al King, and I hope you've learned from the failures here; Take something positive from every experience.


Anonymous said...

I have been studying Mike's training and have to say that it's been more helpful than I could ever imagine. If you're just getting started and want to see some progress from his training, just take a look at this website.
Again it's still a work in progress, but I would never have been able to create this website without Mike's training.

Mike Klingler said...

Thank you Helen! Appreciate you sharing that. I'll stop by and visit your blog now!

Anonymous said...

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