Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let the Hype Begin.... Lakers vs. Suns - Kobe vs. Shaq

Although both players have put their past disputes behind them, the media continues to have fun with this one; Trying as hard as they can to pit one versus the other; and I suppose I can understand why.

I'm a Laker fan, and the potential that these two players had together to win an Incredible Number of Championships together was just so scary; It's kinda like what the Lakers have assembled now by Adding Pau Gasol, to a team full of players who are finally playing as if they belong in the NBA.

This current team, truly has the potential to win 3 to 5 championships in a row; Yea, you read that right; and I truly believe it from my Extensive Experience in watching the game of Basketball; So I can see why the Media loves to play up the drama between Kobe and Shaq.

Together these guys could've easily carried 8 or 9 teams to the Final round of the Playoffs, and walked away with 7 or more Championships; Easily... especially with the Zen Master leading the way. So when they couldn't do it, when they couldn't get along with each other, when the Little Brother wanted more 'shine' and the Big Brother didn't wanna give up any of his, the clash created a series of events, that saw Shaq win his 4th Championship in Miami, with Dwayne Wade ... who's been drawing comparisons to Kobe and Jordan, who's possibly got the ability to become a dominating Gaurd on his own someday; Meanwhile Kobe struggled - getting bounced from the playoffs by the Phoenix Suns 2 years in a row... largely due to Kobe having NO Help on his team ...

But both times they gave the Suns a scare; While undermanned, Kobe's performances were so awesome that they almost pulled it off... Twice; out of that developed a new rivalry; Something else for the media to play up - because it truly was an exciting battle; And it's as if everyone knows eventually Kobe is gonna have enough help to get over the hump; So it's been exciting to watch.

Now, Shaq has joined that very same Suns team - and Kobe's finally got Help.

What more can we NBA Fans wish for....

Don't expect the Suns to win it all this year because they added Shaq; Instead, watch for the Lakers to make a historic Run for their first championship in nearly 5 years.... Let the next Dynasty begin... now!

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