Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Black History Month Matters..

America has so much to learn from it's past - I mean the opportunities are endless; and yet I raise a question today; "Have we truly learned anything from our past?"

Racism and Legal Segregation towards black people in America was truly the WORST crime ever committed against human beings in all of human history. Prior to the American Slave experience, there was a time when being a slave was honorable - slaves were treated well, they accepted their role in society because they were born into a culture that viewed things in this manner.

Some people were born to be slaves, others were born free, others were born to rule.

And that was that; Slavery was not based on hate - it was not based on race - it was not a reason to dislike someone; It is said that Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it's mistakes.

Learning from mistakes is part of life - some learn, others do not. But almost every case of those who do not, involves a person who either does not own up to the mistakes they've made, or refuse to seek to learn a lesson from them. Our failure to care about black people in this country is not serving us well.

I've heard non blacks bring up questions like, "why do we have black history month?" What for?

It's a great question - too bad they rarely care about the answer to that question. Too bad what they really mean is, "can't we get rid of this nonsense celebration??" - "can't those black people stop living in the past...???"

This negative attitude towards black people does not serve America, because there is so much to learn from this very negative experience, that could serve America in a very positive way.

Black History Month is not just about living in the past - it's much more about celebrating the accomplishments of Black people in America, during times of distress and duress - where odds were stacked highly against them, and where in many cases their accomplishments were not credited to them, but instead went to white men and women who did nothing other than "hire" or "command" the black mind to turn it's attention to it; On this I'm referring to inventions and creations that truly helped Make America what it is today.

Black History, is American History - it's part of the story - it's a major cog in the wheel that made this country turn - and turn into The Super Power that it became; Also it is a reminder of the lowest levels of humanity - it shows us what we are capable of - and therefore provides a huge lesson for us to learn; to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past or allowing those atrocities to occur ever again.

And yet, we're just not learning...

As corny as it sounds, the need for Love is never more evident than it is today. Racism and Segregation in America didn't "just happen" - it evolved. It didn't start out that way; blacks were not always hated or viewed as less than human; or referred to as niggers - it was a process; and it was largely possible due to lack of love.

Love would never allow a person to treat other people that way; Love would stop a person from saying those words; Love would motivate a person to change things for the better; and Love, eventually did.

Love changed the hearts of many - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s approach to shame white people into treating black people right, by loving them even while they hated black people, till eventually they would come to feel bad about it; and fall in line with other whites, and blacks, demanding change...

Isn't that a feel good story??

I certainly think it is. The experiences of blacks in America should not be forgotten or discarded - these are important perspectives that we are yet to fully come to terms with; that we are yet to fully understand; How these experiences have impacted black culture in America, often in a negative way - how much of the work left to be done, can only happen with Love. ... With Care and compassion.

Without those things, the work will never be done. Non blacks will continue to turn a hate filled "we don't need to celebrate black people" attitude towards black people - the negative vibes will continue to flow creating a scenario where negative acts will continue to take place; it's an unending cycle without love stepping in to change the direction ...

Addressing the Latin vs. Black issues in America.

Black History should never be forgotten; the accomplishments of black people matter - the ones from the past all the way to the present; black people have been a Huge Influential Force in Making America what it is... and that needs to be honored and respected.

There are looming issues between the Latin and Black communities; Black people are hated by many Latin Americans, often for ridiculous reasons. Especially when you consider the fact, that many of the liberties Latin Americans have access to would only be possible because of the struggles of Black People.

Latin People should be the biggest fans of Black people; They should be so thankful for what black people have done, to create a way for Them to live and experience the American Dream; Without black people, Every single Illegal Immigrant in this country would not only be deported but, would possibly find themselves enslaved or put to death; The "white heart" was very cold towards anyone who was Not white at one time in this country...

All that black people did to change that, should be respected by Latin Americans - instead, black people receive disrespect.

I'd venture to say, it's related to this idea by many non-blacks, that black people still, just don't matter. That black History does not matter - it's a sad day when people allow bad ideas to flourish; Let's fight back one and all - let's raise and spread the awareness of the lessons to be learned from the past - especially what was done To black people - and how black people overcame those obstacles.

Then perhaps we can start being real about the issues black people face today - and how they are related to the past; in hopes of finding solutions today ... for America to move forward into the future.

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