Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Obama... 2008

Here's my latest collection of videos, pertaining to Barrack Obama - a real good collection too, featuring an intro from Chris Rock (funny as Hell) - a recent show down between Clinton and Obama, and some good discussion on whether or not America is ready for it's first, Black, President.

The Fear of Possibility

By the way... I LOVE Michelle Obama - what a well spoken lady this is; If only more women were like this, as intelligent, as moved and as motivated, this country would be a dynamic place to live. Why? Because the women would be strong enough, and loving enough, to lift us all up to the best we could be... Behind every great man, is a Greater Woman.

The Media Spin...

I'm sure you heard this before... love how the media SPINS things; What Hillary said was true, regardless of the movement, and the cries for justice and equality, it took a President to Sign equality into law. I think there is a lesson there, that was lost due to the Media Spinning this into a race issue; as if She gave "more credit" to the president, than Martin Luther King, Jr. - she didn't - She only spoke the truth, that without a president taking the step to Make it happen, it would not have happened.

Score one for the Media!

Watch the guy in the middle - Classic! He takes a statement, and SPINS it right in front of our eyes; Then when Jaun Williams denies that he is calling the Clintons bigots... the guy refuses to back down from his accusation; This tactic is way too effective, and as a viewing audience we cannot allow ourselves to fall victim to it. The guy in the middle, is incorrect - Jaun Williams states that they are 'reminding people of race' - and that may be true; why? Because even the Clintons realize that while things may be a bit better in 2008 than they were in 1968.. there are still large numbers of white people who would rather not vote for a black president. So it's not the Clintons being 'bigoted' - it's the Clintons appealing to the bigots in American society, for a few extra votes, which is sometimes all you need to win the election.

Dirty ... but effective. Only beacuse as Americans, we have not done the work needed to eliminate racism from our 'culture' - therefore, so long as it remains, it can be used to create conversations like these - when what should truly matter, is not the race of the person running, but the ideas in their heads!

Bob, the Sellout Johnson

... first of all, how Dare this man say Anything about anyone and their impact on black people; This man, and his horrible television station, have done MORE HARM to African Americans, than hundreds of years of slavery and segregation; All the progress made by Dr. King, he helped reverse! - How dare he quote such a great man, who was moving people in a positive direction; all this man cares about, is making money for his OWN Personal gain.

I am, frankly insulted that this Sell out Brotha would get up and hold this speech.

BET = Black Exploitation Television - which he of course Sold out to Viacom, which runs MTV; White people run the station; I mean this guy could care less how those music videos affect black people - or how his station helps Promote these terrible, horrible ideas, as Normal! ... and as "what it means to be black!" ... :| booo on Bob Johnson.

Here's a random brotha sharing the feelings of Many around this country:

and, a lil more coverage on it...

... and finally

The Debate (South Carolina)

Things got pretty heated there... hopefully as American Voters we can find a way to look past all the talk; and vote for the right person to lead this country in the Right Direction.

but who would that be? Feel free to let me know, below.

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