Sunday, January 06, 2008

In Search Of...

A good picture of David Letterman sporting the new beard... So I can show just how much he looks like Phil Jackson.

I'm really looking forward to this one ...

Saw the trailer for the sequel... and I really liked what they did with the first one; So again I say, I'm really looking forward to part 2; The Joker, looks pretty serious...

Speaking of which there are a few cool sites linked up to the Dark Knight's coming soon bio; WhySoSerious - - and - the last of which is pretty funny; if you can figure it out; (here's a hint, there is no page error... please do not write me telling me something is wrong with the page; That's part of the ... joke.)

There's really nothing funny about the harvey dent site ... but it Makes the "i believe too" site all the more cooler.


I liked this movie... most people I know either did Not like it, or thought it was just OK; but I truly enjoyed this film. I thought it was suspenseful, I liked how they unraveled the story for us, and didn't spoon feed it to us from the start in a linear way; I like how they really just got right into it; You kind of had to figure things out as you went; Kept my attention.

The ending is perhaps where the rubber meets the road for most people; Some really didn't like this ending; My cousin felt the ending was... weird. But, I liked the ending; It leaves you wondering if they're gonna somehow try to make a sequel; Kinda like the movie did, it leaves you wondering... what's gonna happen next?

I myself am a pretty spiritual dude, so I liked the subtle conversations about God, and God's role in the lives of humanity, when much of humanity is either dead, or infected with a virus that has literally turned them into some Other Inhumane species.

Dark Seekers... and as irony would have it, the lone guy in NY is a Brilliant Scientist, immune from the virus, and able because of that ... coincidence, to work on a possible cure; He goes through hell during that process, literally; I mean those dark seekers looked like demons straight out of the firey pits...

I liked that he was able to not only figure out a cure... but that, God perhaps, or maybe fate - karma - the energy of the universe that usually finds a way to help make sense of things, bad things, tragedies, down times in our lives, and ya know .. when everything just seems so, Dark - I love the references to Bob Marley, and what a wonderful story they decided to share, from a man who's literally inspired so many people, bringing joy and peace into so many people's lives, through music ... beautiful music.

I was put off for a moment that someone could have possibly lived who had never heard of Bob Marley... but then I think of some of the people I've met, even people I know personally, who are not tuned in to the world around them - who are almost, in the dark, on so many subjects and topics; So many are uninformed, and simultaneously NOT seeking to be informed. It's almost a perfect anology ... these Dark Seekers...

and what a challenge this movie presents to you and I - to follow in the ways of Bob, to Light up the Darkness...

I have thoughts on Will Smith as well - and the claim made by Forbes, the opinion really, that one of the main reasons Will has been So successful, is because he doesn't play roles that are "about black people" - but that he plays roles in movies where he just so happens to be black.

I think that's an excellent observation really - They're onto something with that guess, estimation or whatever you want to call it. White people, generally speaking, are not interested in black people. Movies, Music, and things that center on blacks, do not appeal to the masses of white people.

Of course this does not mean that all white people stay way from movies and music focused on black people; As white teens are the Highest consumers of Hip Hop Music today - However while these teens may be buying these albums, they're not sensitive to racial injustice, claims of racism and unfairness due to the color of one's skin... not in 2008 - Most are not interested in watching films about black people stuggling in "the hood" - as they make poor choices to get involved in crime, because they see no other way - or that's the example that's all around them.

Most would rather tune into something else; National Treasure... or Harry Potter; and who can blame them really?

There once was uproar over movies in the 70's, known as Blaxploitation films - because they exploited the image of black people, for a profit - a profit for white men who owned those movie studios that put them out. These movies depicted black people as Pimps, Gangsters, Criminals, negative images which many felt were affecting black people.

But as time has gone on, these movies have Continued to be made; They're no longer seen as Exploitation films... instead they're just accepted as black films. It's as if black people have allowed ourselves to be stamped with the labels we used to fight so hard to keep OFF of our chests...

So as the new year begins, and we ponder just ... What happened? ... We can turn to the success of Will Smith and be glad for him, that hes found a way to persevere in good ole racist white america - he's crossed over in fact, appealing to people all around the world; and good for him; Perhaps we all should seek to follow his example; after all, while he may not be appearing in movies "about black people" - no matter what film he does... he still Happens to be Black.

Black is not limited - black is not limited - black is ... not ... limited; So, do not limit yourself, and do not allow others to limit you; All opportunities, all avenues are open to you. Go for it, in 2008.

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