Friday, March 28, 2008

Jerimiah Wright - In Context...

I've been harping on this point for years now - referring people to Great movies that challenge us all to THINK about the society we live in - such as The Matrix Trilogy, and V for Vendetta ... because they speak of the methods of Control - the levels that people in power will go to to keep that control.

Racism in our country has negatively impacted blacks, and has positively impacted many, many whites - much of America's wealth can be traced to over 400 years of FREE Labor - many of the problems found in the black community today can be traced back to that time period, when the black person in this country was beaten in every way imaginable - Physically and Mentally - and a huge proponent of keeping things as they were, of spreading the idea that it was OK to treat blacks in this manner - was our Media.

It was our Media who came up with the negative stereotypes we have to day - who printed them on paper, and then distributed those hate filled images throughout America.

They came up with the cartoons which depicted black people as lazy, as savages, as threats to white people and to white women, as over sexed, as ignorant beasts incapable of learning. And these lies were spread throughout this nation.

People came to believe these ideas. These ideas were taught as facts, like Christopher Columbus discovered America, 2+2 = 4, and black people are niggers.

So the purpose of this blog entry is not to demonize white people for falling victim to the ideas of the media - the influence of the media - the purpose is to further englighten those of you to the reality that not much has changed.

The Rev. Jerimiah Wright now ... in Context - the 'clips' you heard on Fox and other stations, are now delivered in their full format - so you can see the WHOLE Story.

The Whole Speech "Chickens Coming Home to roost"

The Whole Speech: What Fox Won't Show you pt 1 of 4

The Whole Speech: What Fox Won't Show you pt 2 of 4

The Whole Speech: What Fox Won't Show you pt 3 of 4

The Whole Speech: What Fox Won't Show you pt 4 of 4

You'll have to follow the links to see it all, but once you have watched this ... Please tell me, what did he lie about?

How is being honest about what has happened in America equated to Hating America - and why are people so uninformed that they allow the media to tell them what to think?? Wake up people... this man does not hate America - but it's frankly honest about what this country has done.

We cannot change that perception if we continue to suppress the truth - or to act as if anyone who brings it up, somehow hates America.

No... that is not how you recover - you do it by admitting to what you've done, then taking steps to change that - to make up for it - to improve your image by avoiding what "happened" - by not continuing to do what was done - but if you do not know what Was Done, you will KEEP DOING it, and not know it.

So ... this is submitted for your enlightenment.

Here's to the hope that it was not submitted in vain.

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