Friday, March 07, 2008

Racially Motivated Killings...

This is a local story that went national; What a sad story; a bitter sweet side is that it's getting some national attention; and now I hope the nation will indeed turn and look at what's actually happening here. My comments are below.

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These killings are Racially Motivated.

Something must be done within the latino communities to spread education and awareness, and to possibly challenge these ideas, that allow people to be so ok with doing harm to people because of their race, and their race alone.

The Rising Latino population here in America brings with it a new dynamic; one of those being a dislike of African Americans; though I'm not really sure why.

Many of the rights and privelledges that latin americans have, and even to some degree the rights being granted to the Illegal Latino population can all be rightfully viewed, as rights that are only possible due to the struggles of African Americans, for the rights of All people, regardless of their race, to have a chance to make it in life.

And so all people can apply to work all jobs - can attend all schools, to learn all skills needed to make the very best of your life, regardless of your race or where you started from.

It wasn't like that, just a few years ago...

and now this country, seen often as the greatest country in the world for this very reason, a place where anyone can go from nobody to somebody, from the poor house to the rich house - this county is now experiencing the Spoiled Children Syndrom (SCS)

Kids born with a silver and sometimes a golden spoon in their mouth, who do not realize nor appreciate the value of what they've inherited. Pissing on it... no respect, because there is no value - no struggle.

This was a rising football star, who was benefitting from that struggle - with hard work he was going to make it; but now, he'll never do what he set out to do, because of the ugly monster that is racism.

Brown on Black Crime is a rising, growing problem in this country; and I feel just as I do with 'white racism' - the solution can only come from within.

Some one, anyone, in the latino community, please reach out for good! Please talk with those you whitness, displaying or passing on ideas of hate and racism, about the true ignorance and ugliness of that action - and most important, give them the opportunity to Change it!

Do not condemn them for what was most likely passed on to them, just instead, be a true friend and help them by advising them with what is actually , the Right thing to do - build some good karma for your self, and truly save someone from going down an ugly road, which leads to a long lief of unhappiness and regret, when you finally come to realize what they have done, the harm they have caused. ... which can only be felt when one is able to see themselves, in another person.

We've lost our 'connection' to each other as human beings, due to all this racial nonsense; but I believe still, that we can get it back - I suppose, it's time for us all to believe in something; and hopefully, you'll join in with me - to bring about something positive - once and for all.

Rest in Peace brother.

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