Monday, March 24, 2008

Women: Keeping Racism alive...

I ran into this article today - which relates to a subject I have been speaking on for many years now. A reality, that women are the main culprits for keeping racism alive.

I wrote about it recently, asking whether or not Racial Preference is racism - of course I gave my opinion, which is that it Is indeed racist, to date based on race.

And this article backs up my own findings, based mostly on my experiences. Any guy who's not shy about talking to women will find this to be true. People who know me, know that when I'm in the mood, I'll talk to any woman - makes no difference how beautiful she is - I am not intimidated.

If anything, the better looking a woman is, the sharper my game is - it's often easier to talk to a beautiful woman, who knows she looks good, than it is to an average woman who's full of self esteem issues and lacks confidence in her self.

But, no matter what a woman looks like, unless she's into your race - you dont have a shot. No matter how good looking of a man you are, how nice you're dressed - or not - women will only be into you if they're into your race.

This goes a long way to explain many things in our society today.

You may wonder - why are black men in gangs? Why do black men dress that way? The answer is "Because women like it... that's why."

If there were NO Women who were interested in dating thugs and criminals -there would be very few thugs and criminals...

If women decided, that they will ONLY date men who dress a certain way, men WILL dress that way.

It's really that simple - the people who disagree are uninformed, and often inexperienced with women. They do not realize that women call all the shots, whether we men like it or not - therefore, Women who feel they live in a man's world - are uninformed, and just aren't using their brain.

Instead, they are putting their belief in the writers of the articles they've read, and the movies they've watched, which tell them what to think - rather than challenges them to observe what's happening in their life, and decide on their own who's calling the shots.

Women always have called the shots; When women were at home, raising the kids, and doing the housework, they WANTED to do that.

It was a different time then; Earning a living meant going out into the wilderness and roughing it; hunting and gathering - things women just had no desire to do; The way they saw it, if their man was out there doing all of that, the least they could do is clean house, cook, and take care of the kids.

The new age ushered in 'easy jobs' - ways to make a living, w/out having to hunt and gather. So, women lost respect for the role they used to play in society - they've lost respect for the man in general - The working woman who feels like she's being held back by men, all because they do not realize they've NEVER been held back by men, are killing society with ideas that are slowly causing us all to destruct.

And in some case, such as in the middle east, men have gone too far.

When men start dictating what women can and cannot do, it's dangerous. It is however, different from women doing what women want to do because women want to do it. What we really need women to get back to, is doing what women want to do, because it's good for society - because it's good for her man if she does 'whatever' she decides to do. Yes, I'm asking for women to start taking men, and society into account, when they make a decision to do something.

Whether it's dating, speaking, writing, thinking, women have forgotten just how important they are. We cannot afford for women to decline into laziness and into irresponsibility - to feel that they are somehow NOT The reason for everything good, and everything bad in our society. They are the Queens!

There was a time when women did what they had to do, to keep their colony, their village, their tribe, their city, state, or country strong. During war times women went to work not because they got tired of doing housework - they did it because the country NEEDED it.

Women have gotten away from that - and what our country NEEDS now is unity - we need to come together to solve the many problems faced by not only our nation, but our world.

As technology ever closes the gaps, constantly making the world smaller every day, the Roles women can play in todays world are expanded. Women can still work and make a difference in society, without cleaning house - but that isn't to say being a housewife is somehow degrading, or not as liberating as being the CEO of a top company - women can make contributions no matter where they are.

And in the area of love ... women have so much more to give; Women can end racism tomorrow by allowing men of all races to share love with them - women can end stereotypes, and bring cultures closer together, by allowing other cultures to experience their culture - women are the bridge - and they can allow more people to cross, or keep the roads closed.

This one goes out to the women everywhere - Ladies - You are the power of the universe!!

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