Monday, October 30, 2006

The Next Best thing..

I really want to bring you folks something entertaining; Something worth reading, watching, and/or listening to.

I began kicking around the idea about 6-9 months ago - to create an entire page filled with my favorite videos from youTube.

This was before all the recent hype - Lately I'm seeing all kinds of articles discussing the possible next step, now that google has bought YouTube out - Google may become the next Network. I saw that and began thinking...

Would it remain true "to the people."

It's hard to comment on current events in the world today; Things seem to be turning more and more dangerous for anyone who's doing their Democratic duty in keeping others aware of what they need to be aware of.

No, speaking out is frowned on - and I must admit that I Do wonder if I get spyed on for things I've said and done in the past - in open public forums via the internet. We all know that spying is taking place - supposedly for our safety. But I'm a black man.

I try hard not to play the "race card" - but some things are unavoidable. When I think of America for me it's not the grand and glorious vision that many non-blacks hold of this country. It's not a hate filled vision either.

I simply look at America for what it is - for what it's been - and for what it's become. This is the home of racism - this is the root of the idea that one race is Superior to another. And if it's happened once in this country, couldn't it happen again?

Slowly we are all watching our Freedom's being erroded by the current events in the world and, again it's almost dangerous to take a stand on one side or another; To speak out against what our country is doing in the current war; To question their strategy and if it's working or not - It's hard not to be afraid of what they may do, if I did that.

I'm sure that's why others don't speak up.

I'm sure that's why so many have tuned out - better to vegg, than to be in the know I suppose. Better to watch reality tv, than to actually take part in reality.

Because reality is too real at times.

I feel Like I'm rambling so I'm sure you do to - but I'm going somewhere with all of this and will tie it together for you in a minute. Just keep reading.

Reality is, America had crooked beginnings; The fore-fathers who are often praised for what they were, are often Never publically riddiculed for what else they were. Two Sided, Hypocritical Individuals.

They preached freedom and equality for all; while with holding it from black people.

Who cares is the modern day mantra - any non-black person and even quite a few blacks do not even Care anymore about what happened then... So convinced we are that things have changed, people have changed, agendas have changed - Racism was 400 years ago.

Oh, Slavery was 200 years ago - and racism, well So what - it'll never go away! Those people who keep bringing it up are the problem - not those of us who have blindly accepted a reality that, is Not very real at all.

Because reality is too real for these people to handle - These people who preach silly ideas like racism will be with us forever; yea, so long as we keep turning a blind eye to it when we see it. So long as we keep supporting beliefs that keep us divided.

United States of America - how United are we?

Are we too afraid to make the change - to lead the charge in the right direction? Too uninformed to realize that there is a problem, and that it's crying out for a solution to find it. Burried beneath all the bullshit ladies and gentlement have piled on top of it - all in an attempt to hide that it's even in the room...

Our collective actions on things such as Racism are very reflective of what this nation will do, when the USA becomes Nazi Germany West.

We're going to do nothing.

We're going to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to anybody Speaking out against it, or encouraging us to speak out with them. We're going to sit back and hope they don't cancel our favorite tv shows or raise the price on our favorite type of music. We're going to say "so long as it's not effecting me, there is no problem."

Are there more minorities in America than whites? I wonder...

Because what will white people do, when the same astrocities are once more being carried out; In the name of safety, in the name of a better life, for white people. Will they fall in line, again - do nothing, again - take no action to save the lives of others, again - while a small handfull of white people do fight and hundreds of years later finally succeed in getting the majority of white people to stop endorsing acts of violence on other races (at least to stop endorsing it publically) ...?

And I started out with YouTube... didn't I? Well here is the tie in.

There are a bunch of excellent videos on there that I'd love to share. But I'm a lil afraid to do so. Why? The information is damaging - However, what it really shows is just how apathetic Americans are; At least that was my first thought. Then it dawned on me that perhaps it was all planned out - Americans have always been apathetic.

That's just who and what this country has always been.

Nothing has changed... except for Technology.

Technology is better today than ever before (as far as we know.)

Technology has made our lives easier to live... but we're still the same people. We're still carrying on our Traditions, even if those traditions include racist ideas & apathy towards what our gov't is doing. Traditions that include backing everything our country does, so long as it's not harming us... right now.

Our traditions are not about holding onto who We are - they are about holding onto what our ancestors were; Truthfully not all traditions deserve to be passed on. Not all ways of thinking, veiwing the world, etc - should be carried on for generations and generations, No - Some things deserve to be inturrpted, changed, transformed & improved.

... like technology - look at it. It's ever evolving.

But are we?

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