Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Old News?

I'm going to include a link to the actual board I found this on, because I felt the conversation, and comments were very interesting. I'm going to talk about Race here at ThaShow - it's hard not to.

Because I am a black man who is Not racist - I have dated women of every race on the planet and find them all beautiful. I have had friends in the past from every race, and honestly there is truly good in us all - However, racism is a HUGE problem in America - I hope I get a chance to break down "why" that is, in a later edition of thaShow!

The guy makes a comparisson to Slavery towards the end of this interview. He is clearly distraught after going through what we all whitnessed over the television.

The funny part is how he says the word "Fuck" and the newsguy acts all shocked... like he's never heard the word before. Someone else makes mention of that aswell, here on the original landing page of this youTube featurette.

Again, it's a great site and as you can probably tell I will be using it from time to time to help illustrate the points I'd like to make.

I also need to deviate long enough to mention that I was a Chatter - I sorta still am but, allow me to explain. Chat is what attracted me to the internet at the age of 17. The idea that I could meet people from anywhere in the world was where it started, that sounded cool! - Then the reality that I could meet women from local areas was an even better idea; Chat was pretty cool when I First got into it. But there were some Obvious problems.

Of all the 'well-documented' problems with the chat world - such as women and men lying, using fake pictures, profiles, etc... in addition to the people in chat rooms not being the "Brightest Bulbs" on the planet, and so on - There has always been an extreme amount of blatant Racism!

Because of who I am - I dont have a very good reputation in the chat world. It's bad enough to tell a bunch of racist white people that it's NOT cool to be racist - It's even worse when you're black; They just dont listen - and from my eyes, the so called 'non-racist' people are not doing enough on their own to object or stand with black people who have been objecting to racism for hundreds of years.

If anything - I'd say the Internet really exposes the unsaid here in America - we all know people will say things on here that they dont have the courage to say aloud. Lots of guys on here have more courage to talk to girls online, than they do offline. While I always felt it helps if you have offline experience, becuase you'll just know what girls actually want to talk about... that's just me.

Most of the things I say online - are things I say offline.

Even still, certainly not even I am innocent of saying things online that I normally would not utter in person. But, I've had conversations with many people over a 12-13 year span about the Reality of the Internet Conversations that do take place.

It's in our hearts, these words we type out on the screen - the words are in our Heads, our Ideas & Thoughts - We Think, then we Type. So what's said on here is just as real as anything we would say in person or over a phone line. And honestly, I'd say people are behaving the same way on here, as we do in person with one another.

If we truly care about being the Best country in the world - don't we need to be the best country in the world? Are we so blinded by our hatred that we cannot see that division makes us weaker, instead of stronger... ?

The comments that are left by white people on those boards are amazingly racist - and yet is seems that the only folks objecting are blacks.

Where's Michael Moore when you need him - to point the finger at whitey, and say, "hey I'm white too".

I mentioned that thaShow is really just an extention of thaClub - I held these types of conversations there and I must say - I noticed participation started to drop around the same time.

How come blacks & whites cannot discuss racism with one another? Why must it always turn into a name calling argument; instead of an eye opening discussion? Dialogue is one way to help heal the wounds because it can lead to understanding; and in My experience, the ideas that white people are holding onto, are the primary cause for the ongoing issues of racial hatred.

Want blacks to stop complaining about racism? ... Stop supporting racism. Stop silently approving racism. Stop being racist. Stop calling blacks niggers - Stop making excuses for why it's ok - or 'should' be ok - So what if blacks call each other niggas - There 'should' never be a GOOD reason for a white person to use that word. Nevermind blacks for a moment ...

Instead of trying to clean up black people; White people need to clean up White people. White people need to police each other. Because let's get real about the word Nigger vs. Nigga - it has nothing to do with how it's spelled. It's the intent behind the usage of the word.

That makes all the difference.

When a black man calls me a nigga - he's calling me his brother, his equal. Stop overlooking that please. Listen to what I am saying - Comprehend what you are reading. That black man looks at me and figures that we have a shared, common experience living in America.

When a white man calls me a nigger - he's calling me lesser than, not equal to. He's saying I'm beneath him, genetically inferior. There is no shared, common experience in his eyes; only hatred.

Read the comments on that board - The white people using the word "nigger" - use it as an insult. Not as a sign of bonding equality.

The constant argument that I hear - that 'since blacks do it, it should be ok' - is utterly riddiculous. And if white people want to go on thinking of themselves as intelligent, it's time for them to act like they're intelligent and DO something intelligent; like discarding riddiculous ideas like that one.

Quit bringing up BET - the ONE black station out of 700 stations aimed mostly at entertaining white people. Because racism is not about that.

BET is not the cause of racism; Blacks calling each other nigga, has nothing to do with whites calling blacks Niggers.

C'mon - you're smarter than that; Aren't you?

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