Friday, November 03, 2006

How Long does he have?

Staying with this theme here of who's gonna speak out - This guy has been doing lots of that. Keith Olberman, former sportscenter anchor, now big time news guy on MSNBC - breaks down the recent 'controversy' over Bush's claim, that he's never mentioned staying the course in Iraq.

Pretty entertaining video he put together.

Propaganda some will argue; Just what happened to common sense << that's the first thought that comes to mind.

Then another thought comes to mind; one that Came to me originally about 7 months ago. At one point in time, the majority of people thought the world was flat. The majority of people thought the earth would never flood. The majority said that Galleleo was crazy for suggesting that the earth rotated around the sun.

They killed him over that too.

What does this mean? The Majority is WRONG.

This idea of majority rules, is a set up for failure. If you find yourself In the Majority, you may need to re-evaluate your opinions, your beliefs, & your ideas.

Whatever you do - do not stay the course.

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