Thursday, November 30, 2006

No wonder there are No Blacks on Seinfeld.

I wasn't surprised to see the film of Kramer, aka Micheal Richards going off at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. I wasn't surprised at all.

I'm going to include it at the end here, but I wanna include a video from a black man on youtube who in my opinion, does a very good job of expressing just what's on his mind, when it comes to Micheal Richards.

Chat Rooms

When I finally got around to watching the video, it simply confirmed my original thought. When I heard he went off on Two black guys, calling them Niggers, over and over, and that in no way can he argue that he's not racist, no way he could excuse his actions - Something told me it was pretty bad.

Then I saw it.

I was not shocked - I was not surprised. I have been experiencing this for a number of years in Yahoo and AOL Chat rooms. White people have been saying the kinds of things Micheal Richards said on stage, in chat rooms for years. And immediately after saying it, they follow it up with 'I'm not racist'

Micheal Richards does the same thing; Goes off on a racist tirade, saying things only a racist person would say - then goes on David Letterman and says, "I'm not racist."

As the young man conveys in his Vlog on this situation... The things he said are the things white people say in private - in chat rooms because of the anonimity - amoung each other.

I am quite sure there is tons of stuff said in the privacy of black families & friends - things that are downright, Racist.

But again I state, that black people are only racist because white people are racist. I've written about this topic for Years over at ThaClub - and did so before here at ThaShow - My idea, My opinion, is that if we ever want to solve racism, and or improve relationships between our races - White people must act first.

I've explained why that is in the past, and will do so again.

White people started racism. They started it for the benefit and elevation of their race. When I say that 'white people' started it, this does not include every single white person on earth living today... or does it include 100% of their ancestors.

It was indeed a small group of white people who started pushing the idea - and it was the masses of white people who followed the idea, supported and nourished the idea, grew the idea into a culture of it's own. That "culture" is a great word.

When I think of Culture I think of a group of Plants... a Culture.

What is it about those plants that stands out to me? The fact that they were cultivated. A process which just means they were nourished from seed to full bloom. They were planted in the soil and watered so that it could grow - they were placed in an area where sunlight could reach them.

And this is in fact what a Culture is.

Black Culture is the result of what's been grown or cultivated over many, many years. So is White Culture, or Mexican Culture. So many peole want to Hold onto their Culture, without realizing that often it is not Their Culture that they are holding onto. They are holding onto the cultivation of someone else. They are cultivating a culture, that is based on the building blocks of another.

And sometimes, we need to dig the plants up, and start over.

Starting Over

It saddens me, that the majority of white people will not look at this issue in a fair manner. That so many will come to the defense of Micheal Richards, and say he was just angry and made a mistake, but he's not racist.

What's with the constant excusal of white racism in 2006?

Are any white people racist these days? Or is it really just in the imagination of the black race? Are black peole really so un-intelligent that, they dont know what racism is? I mean afterall, none of us were slaves.

As I mentioned, I've been dealing with racism in america, online for many many years now. Most of my fights, arguments, and debates have been held in yahoo chat rooms.

Often I wish that there were more black people online to read the thoughts of the Majority of white people. I emphasize Majority because I've also come across a few white people who really truly are not racist. But I am sad to report that it's a handful.


I have probably met 5 white people in 12 years of using yahoo chat rooms - who are not racist.

Many of you may think I'm exxagerating, but I'm not. I wish I was. We are not currently moving in a direction of a more enlightened, intelligent, American Population. In fact, we are digressing.

Racism has never been dealt with properly - In my opinion I feel our schools have done a terrible job of educating people on just what racism is. I'm shocked to find that so many people, black or white, have no clue what it means to be racist.

I've defined it for people in the past - visited to give people the meaning of the word, so they can see for themselves what it includes.

It includes the belief that one race is superior to another.

Micheal Richards said "That's what happens when you interrupt a white man." - as if his Race makes him superior to blacks. As if his words were justified, simply because the people he was saying it to, were Inferior.

The definition of racism includes, Predjudice & Preference based on race.

Yes... dating someone speicifically for their race, is racism.

Whether you're a black person who only dates black people, a white person who only dates white people, or a black person who only dates white people, you are praticing racism.

If you only socialize with people of a certain race - you are practicing Racism.

Friends ... how many of us have them?

Which brings me to television shows that do not Cast black actors to play roles - or who cast FEW black actors to play roles on their shows. They are futher endorsing racism.

Take a show like Friends...

This show recieved all sorts of praise while it was running - but there was also talk of how blacks were Missing in Action from it's storyline. Finally after years they bowed to the pressure, and allowed One black girl to get a brief dating stint on the show with one of the main characters.

Talk about an unrealistic storyline.

Here's a show about 6 white people who dont' interact with anything but white people - and suddenly, one of them is in love with a black girl. Ok I'm sorry but, that just does not happen.

Every black man I've ever known who dates outside of his race, has always socialized with other races & always exhibited an intrest in other races. The one's I've known were raised around other races; went to school with other races.

Meanwhile, every black man I've ever known who Only dates black women - for the most part spent the majority of their lives growing up around & socializing with nothing but, or mostly black people.

What does this tell me - or anyone with common sense?

If we don't socialize with other races - we can never Love, other races.

The system of segregation that was put into place in this country, is still very much in place in this country today. That system is partly responsable for maintaining our american "Culture".

The American Culture, by and large IS racism!

How did America become the most powerful country? 200 years of FREE labor. That's how. And while it was wrong, while it's often renounced in our schools, not enough is said about just how BIG of an advantage this was for this country. Not enough is said, about how soooo many white people went along with it, and fully supported the idea as a way of life, even how things Should Be.

So many white people today don't want to hear about the past. Many of them argue that it's got Nothing to do with today. However, what we fail to realize is this. Many of the people holding the keys to the doors of opportunity are white.

And if white people still feel that blacks are niggers, and that we "should" view ourselves as inferior to whites, then whites will continue to treat blacks in that manner. And so long as that continues....

Houston, We have a problem.

That is why it's up to white people to save us.


I have a few borderline militant black friends who hate it when I make that suggestion. The natural reaction to the racism, and oppression that blacks have faced, make the mere idea that we need help from the white race to straighten out racism is annoying ...

However, I don't see it that way.

The black race is more than capable of uprising, and overcoming the lingering effects of slavery & segregation. But it's a difficult climb with so much re-inforcement of "nigger mentality" in movies, and on the radio. Constantly the 'culture' of black people is being nourished, by white owned movie production studios & record companies. Constantly the image of what it means to be black is being created by whites ... who view blacks as Niggers.

And if you are an actor, actress, or entertainer - and you want a job in that industry, your choices are to Wait on roles that positively reflect the black race... or take what's given, so you can pay your bills.

Where are the white people to fight what's going on? Where are the white people to stand up and demmand a better representation of blacks in film and in music? Where are they? ...

They're standing in line to buy the new Lil Jon CD & the new Ying Yang Twins compillation. That's where they are. They're in line, supporting the racist ideas.

And I dont think that most white people even realize, that that's what they are doing; Because they're not being taught what racism is. So they dont recognize it when it's right in front of their eyes. They don't realize how influential what we SEE is on what we DO. They don't think twice about the possible effects of movies which contantly depict black men as thugs and criminals have on young black people.

They just figure, 'Well if a black person was willing to play the role, then it must be true.'

What happened??

How can a white person convince themselves to utter the words, "Micheal Richards is not racist" ...

It's simple.

We are truly a dumbed down society. That's how. Only a dumb person can utter words like those, and believe that he is not lying. I mean, they've gotta sell themsleves on it first, before they can sell anyone else. So, they truly believe that there is nothing wrong with what the guy said.

Plus, don't black people call each other nigger all the time??

If we were living in a more intelligent society, people would question themselves before uttering such nonsense. Sure, blacks do refer to each other as niggas... but the Intent of the word is Different. Often that is discounted; again, only a dumb person would Discount the Reason for why people do what people do.

When a black person see's another black person, and calls him or her a nigga, it's a sign of equality - a similar shared path or experience in life - it's a term of endearment... a terrible term perhaps, but that's what it is.

When a white person calls a black person a nigger - they're not referring to equality or a shared experience - No, they are suggesting that the black person is Inferior to Him or Her. Not as good as one of them.

The Intent is different.

And that's everything. Kramer wasn't calling those two black men niggers because he felt One with them. He felt Superior. He even says that 50 years ago his race would hang black people upside down for making those remarks in the crowd.

wow... how do people convince themselves that this guy isnt' racist...

Easy, they just Discount the reasons for why he said, what he said.

Read the comments... again it's the Internet. There is anonimity. Just read what white people are saying. It's riddiculous.

I mean - does anyone see the connection yet between Hollywood's racism, and the racism of one of it's biggest stars? From one of it's biggest shows? How many other people on the set of Seinfeld share his views? Did they ever discuss blacks in this manner amoungst each other?

Does Jerry Sienfeld also call black people niggers? What about Julia Dryfues? Or the bald guy, Jason Richards... We'll never know I suppose.

There was a time when white people were openly racist - They grabbed the microphone and expressed how lowly black niggers are. Today, it's taboo to do that. The real sin today is Expressing it publically - while there seems to be nothing wrong with Thinking those thoughts, and/or sharing them online in anonymous chat rooms or blog boards.

See, it's the white race who's keeping the torch of racism going. And its up to THEM To challenge each other to Stop the Hate.

Sure, there are black people who hate whites, just b/c they're white - but also because of what white people seemingly stand for; and that is the oppression of black people.

So, instead of taking a so what attitude to it, white people need to take some Pride in what it means to be white, and re-define it through their actions. It's time to STOP racism.

And it's a Pipe Dream if you think all races have equal clean up to do, which is what most whites express to me. That, all people need to clean up their racism act. That there are blacks who are just as racist, and they need to stop aswell, or else white people have no reason to stop.

And I think that's totally backwards. Totally.

Again, we're discounting WHY!

For over 400 years now, blacks have been asking whites to treat them with fairness and dignity.

Until that happens...

Blacks will keep asking for it.

And until that happens... the culture of racism will continue to grow, and worsen - and the cloud of ignorance will continue to darken our skies...

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