Friday, November 03, 2006

More from Keith... & Colburn.

another story I heard about - Rush made another riddiculous remark.

here's what comes to My mind - This is who we are living with. For everyone who hates Rush, there are plenty who absolutely love him, and take his word as Gospel.

Watch that video - Sam Sedar makes a nice quote...

"The implications of the implementation of their policies."

I'm not here to attack republicans; althought they've gotta be ashamed of themselves for loudly associating themselves with this group of people. Hey, democrats are just as crooked and lie just as much; But at least they do a better job of hiding it.

yet another reason why we need to move away from voting for a party - and start voting for Ideas. Who's Ideas are better? Who can lead us in a better direction?

Feel free to offer up your nominee in my comment box.

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