Friday, November 03, 2006

... Scary Stuff. So now what?

So, that's why I don't watch the News.

However, videos like that one below, on mind control - that's scary stuff. Makes me wonder if I've ever been implanted with a chip during one of my doctor visits; and if they've used the power of suggestion on me to make me Do things I normally would not do.

I wonder if that thought crossed any of your minds while watching those videos - or if you threw your hands up 2 minutes into video #1 and said, "this shit can't be real!"

OF course, this is why I'd much rather focus on making money - on helping others do the same; on sharing ideas and philosophies about how to go from where you are now (financially) to where you'd like to be.

But the question that remains is, Get more money for what?

What would I do if I accomplished all my goals. Made Millions of dollars in my chosen profession. I'd certainly take care of my family first - build a real nice house that will last for generations and generations - an heirloom to pass on to remind my descendants that hard, smart work can pay off...

I'd pay my parents back for all they've done for me my entire life. One big check for them to go take about 10 vacations with. I'd take a vacation myself... would be great if I had a "special someone" to take that vacation with; but of course by then that special lady would've found me. That's kinda how these things work....

After the vacation - would I get back to making a difference in the world? I dont know. I mean - I try not to be political; even in this blog. Sure I share information that is a bit eye opening; but that's really the extent of what i'm interested in. I don't want to run for president; but it would be nice to imspire people who would do a GREAT job of leading america - to make enough money to give themselves a shot at doing just that.

My college room mate sent me a artical from Lou Dobbs - discussing how corporate america owns the nation; how they've basically bought out both sides of our political parties - how it doesn't really matter who's in charge; the Democrats or the Republicans - beause those 2 parties are answering to corporate America.

Who is Corporate America?

They're the guys with All the Money - and therefore, all the power. They've got millions to pour into advertising campaigns, television shows & movies. They can get their message across at ease becaue they employ millions who will do what they are told to do, or else risk losing their "good job."

They have full control over our system - mainly because 'we the people' have allowed them to. We figure it's easier to just go and work for someone else, than to work for yourself. And if you've got bills to pay and things you'd like to do Now - you're right. It's a whole lot easier.

I was at a gathering one night and someone decided to go around the room asking everyone what's the most they've made in their life. Some of my friends were shouting out impressive numbers. His point was to show that none of the people in the room were Smart Investors - or had no intrest in investing their money wisely - But when it came to me, I didn't have a very big number to report.

It's funny but for a moment there, I felt embarassed - Then I really thought about how hard I had to work to make that small amount; It wasn't much - but I felt like I earned it, more so than anyone else in the room who was most likely given their salary just for showing up.

It's harder - but it's much more rewarding; You feel good about yourself and your abilities. You feel like you do have a purpose; and even when you get off track or lose focus, you're in a better position to regain your vision of the road you are supposed to be traveling; Of course I'm speaking for my self there... but others I've talked with over the years about this subject do agree with me on the feeling of pride one gets from Owning your future and Controling your own path.

However if the majority of people would rather be Owned - because it's easier to be Owned - then what's left for me to do?

Spend time looking for those who are like minded? Perhaps.

But I can't help feeling like I wish there was more we could do, for the ones who'll be left behind, all because they didn't want to come along for the ride, to a better lived & more fullfilled life.

... maybe they've been brainwashed.

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