Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Where Good Ideas come from

Ever since deciding to incorporate videos from YouTube on thaShow to help compliment the written articles I knew I wanted to share this interview with Motivational Speaker, Dani Johnson.

I was re-reading through a couple of great books which I highly reccommend by John C. Maxwell - "Failing Forward" & "Thinking for a Change." and got some real timely jewels out of those books. The first deals with the story of John Audobon - and suggest that one great way to fail forward is to figure out who YOU are.

A good 'new' friend of mine shared an awesome quote with me recently that's been on my mind. The quote says something like, "Decisions are easy when values are clear."

It's easy to get off track in life and make bad choices - but it's easier to make good choices when we maintain a good idea of what our Values actually are. Which brings me to the good thought from the second book, on how to Think ... for a change.

As the title suggest it's intrest is in helping the individual Change. - Change is not something most people want to do; Even I would love to stay the same - but as a good mentor of mine pointed out in life, you're either Growing or Dying. The minute we stop growing, improving, and looking to better ourselves is the moment that we start dying.

Nothing ever really stays the same. So the suggestion is actually prompted by a question. HOW does one change his or her thinking - in order to change one's self.

The answer is simple. Good ideas will not come to you - You must seek out good ideas.

See, society wants us to listen to it's music, to watch it's news - to be concerned with it's world events. And while I do share those here on thaShow I try to keep the mood light with some comedy on thoses same world events - aswell as encourage you to put your attention elsewhere ... and that's what it takes to maintain good ideas, to maintain clear values of what you want out of life. You have to continually seek them out.

Often my writing is as much for myself as it is for others. So as I type that, I think mostly of what I need to do for myself to elevate myself to a higher level.

And the points that Dani Johnson makes are powerful; strong; and relevant. You've gotta be willing to invest in yourself - in the books to give you good Ideas, to change your thinking, to change yourself.

I heard a guy on the radio last night talking about the current times we're in and he reallyu put a great historical perspective on just where we are. It's real easy given the current unfolding events to think that things are getting WORSE! - But overall we've lived in way tougher times.

There was the black plague, there were Civil wars, World War 1 and 2 - the Depression, there was Slavery and a time of legalized accepted segregation and oppression - there was a holocaust.

Things have been pretty bad in our world; and some may argue that things are just as bad today as they were then. But what's really important is that we invovle ourselves, in our selves - enough to make sure that we are growing and improving and preparing ourselves to face the challenges that will forever remain with us, in this world.

Now, enjoy this awesome interview with Dani Johnson.

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