Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Waiting for the world to change

Flipping channels I ran into a new video from John Mayer - Might not be new but, it was new to me.

Which brings me back to youTube - There's so much on it to share. So much to see. It's great for moments like this when I wanna tell you about the world we're living in.

It's holloween afterall, so let's pick up on this idea of Fear. We're in a society of fear, a culture of fear. I was watching the news briefly tonight, the first sentence was,

"Tonight's Top story, Arson & Murder!"

- top story ... Anchorman is one of my favorite movies because not only is it funny - it's pretty true to what the news does. Show you 49 minutes of bad, negative, fear inspiring news and 30 seconds of the squirrell on the waterski, or the cat who won that kitty fashion show.

Should I be afraid to share what others are already sharing?

I'm sure I'm expressing the feelings of many because let's face it. Outside of the ones sharing it, nobody else is really sharing it - So, I wonder if it's because of fear?

Bowling for Columbine really examined the development of fear in our society like no other film or documentary I have since seen has. Great film but of course the guy who made it has had his reputation Trashed for following it up with an attack on the powers that be.

Over 100 soldiers died in Iraq this month; Over 100 families have lost some one very special and irreplacable in their lives. And we've been told over and over to expect more, a Long Haul.

Most of us are too cool to get up in arms about it like they did back in VIetnam - shouting out War is not the answer - No, the answer is Love!

Bring back the hippies and the sex orgies (with condoms to prevent std's) - I'm all for that. Besides let's face it, sex is one major reason that we're not up in arms about what's going on. Fear, and Sex.

We're too afraid to rock the boat - because we dont wanna risk Never having sex again; or participating in the hunt for sex - the mission to accomplish sex at the end of the night, the road trip, or whatever journey we're too afraid of not getting to go on.

Sex is good - but it's bad, bad, bad - why is that?

Should I share that kind of information - should i make the effort to spread awareness about subjects that our society's leaders have worked very hard to spread Ignorance on?

See for me this all started with my desire to earn more money; To make LOTS of money - to get rich; I began with questioning Why some people had so much, and why others had to work so hard, for half as much... and sometimes didn't even get that.
Why? What went into the silver spoon that some kids are so fortunate to have in their mouths as they exit the womb.

A great line from one of the greatest films ever made comes to mind right now. "It's the question that drives us, Neo" - The Quest, The journey ... and yes I can admit that I've always been inquisitive. I've always wondered, and wanted to know.

Curiosity may have killed the cat - But Curiosity has opened doors to ideas and thoughts I never thought I'd be exposed to. It's as if there really is some great, powerful Force that is behind it all; Guiding my steps and leading me into places, and even trying to keep me out of other places.

True, I'm not exactly a "model christian" - and maybe that plays into my favor. because you see I have experienced the fullness of life. To some degree at least. I've never had the desire to be off heroin or coke - so that's one extreme I can say I've avoided. Then you've gotta include things like...

- moutain climbing - parachuting - bungee jumping - snow skiing - water skiing -

The Fullness of life differs for diferent people.

Who knows how you define fullness - and yet, I'm still a bit unfullfilled. I still feel as if I have so much more to explore, to find out - to discover. All the while I feel as if things are not in my control. World events put it in the back of my mind; No matter how much I try to avoid the "news" ...

Tonight's Top story - Korea Let's off a Nuclear Bomb - Iran is not going to stop it's nuclear enrichment program - and Bush is a liar.

Who do we turn to? Who do we run to? Who will keep the world safe? Who's telling us the truth and who's lying? Is Bill Clinton really a better person than Bush? Is he on the right side of the fence? Is it worse to lie about getting head in the oval office, or about a country posing a grave threat to our future?

I'm not really interested in answering those questions; Just posing them - for you to think about and discuss within your circle of friends, family, co-workers, and so on. Because frankly I'm not so sure the answers are simple at all. Not from the things I've seen and read. There's a string of funny videos on YouTube, displaying all the
Presidential bloopers of W. - and honestly I'm led to believe after watching them that, Bush is far from an idiot - and I may be one of the only people saying that in America today; I think it's all an act. You can get away with more when people think you're stupid or just don't know any better. That's a fact.

I suppose the bible has always told us that there will be wars and rumors of wars; and that some day all of this is going to end. But Nostradamus told us we had till 3,000 and something.

I'd say now is a good time for prayer. I've seen lots of evidence over the past few months that leads me to believe that even religion has been tainted by a small handfull of people, seeking to have power over the masses; And it's worked right down to the tee. And yet all the evidence I've seen, which clearly spells out to me that, Much of religion has been edited and censored in a way to control and rule over people, and yet there is still some unseen force - some powerful creator who is in control of it all. As I age, and live this thing called life I do find myself coming closer to God - or perhaps God is coming closer to me.

Either way I feel His prescense - and I feel that I can truly help other people see what He wants them to do with their lives. I feel like the planet isn't ready to go just yet, and eventually we'll all wake up to what's happening around us, and take a time out to re-think our plan. There is so much left to do.

We have an entire Universe to explore...

We should be uniting to find ways to get people onto other planets, to cultivate life on other planets, and so on. This in-fighting here on earch is much like the story of the crabs in the barrell.

It's a story that I heard Rich Dad tell, as a story that originated in Hawaii - it's a story that I've heard older black men tell as a story that sums up what's happening in the black community - I've heard motivational speakers use it to explain what happens in our Circle of Friends when we Do indeed attempt to climb up, and OUT of the barrel.

Other crabs reach up and pull us back in. No one gets out due to everyone pulling each other back in. Of course the solution to this problem would be to give each other a hand up!

But simple things are too complicated for us Humans to do... so it seems for now.

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