Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fox Attacks Black America.

Great discussion taking place here; This video was brought to my attention and I want to share it, along with related videos. It starts with clips from Fox news, showing how they have continually blasted and attacked Black America.


Fox Attacks: Black America

Myron Golden, responds

FOX News Fave Accuses Obama and Oprah Of Being A Racist

Hannity Argues With Obama's Pastor

Hannity Erupts Into Frenzy Of Bigoted Anger

Interesting stuff right? So I ask you, IS Fox attacking black America?

Is the media, using it's power to spread racism towards black people, to it's viewers? Chime in.

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Anonymous said...

fox is indeed racist; feuling the fires of racism, feeding into the misconceptions.

People are brainwashed by our Media