Thursday, May 03, 2007

Goodbye Lakers... Hello Hate Crimes

Two of the top stories on my mind this evening, are the Los Angeles Lakers, who's season ended last night, after just 5 games against the two-time defending MVP Steve Nash, and his phoenix Suns. The other story was on my Netscape homepage - news that congress has passed a bill to 'finally' do something about Hate Crimes.

I give good sports talk, so I'm going to spend some time during this Laker Off season to make a case for ME to get the job of General Manager for the Lakers. My favorite team ever.

The lakers are a storied franchise; they've won the Most games of any team in the NBA - ever. The most championships for a franchise with a total of 13 - and have had a history of bringing on THE best players in the game for that era: Like Jerry West & Elgin Baylor, Magic Johnson & Kareem Abdul Jabar, and most recently, Kobe Bryant & Shaquille Oneal.

We all know the story - Shaq and Kobe didn't get along - Shaq went to Miami and won a ring last year & was swept This Year, while Kobe hasn't gotten out of the first round since Shaq departed & missed the playoffs all together the first year that he left.

People who hate the lakers, people who hate Kobe, quickly point the finger at him as the Reason for the laker struggles. In one word, my response is - Nonsense.

Any TRUE basketball fan, understands the difference between a GOod player playing on a team With Talented players, and a Great player playing on a team with Not-So-Talented Players.

The fault is Squarly on the shoulders of Mitch Cupcheck - and possibly even the Buss family for not firing this clueless animal - Maybe even some can go to Phil for not making remarks about the lack of talent in the front office - then again why jeapordize a job making $10 mill per year?

With that, I've officially laid out the beginnings of my case, and will continue to build on it here at ThaShow - as I show you evidence of just how the lakers GM is ruining a franchise, with terrible front-office decision making.

And for an even more important story, check out the news on the Hate Crime Bill - recently passed.

It's about time - however I wonder if this bill will be used more to Prosecute people who Say bad things about gays, as opposed to white's who make racist hate filled remarks about blacks; I wonder if it will be used to punish blacks for 'reverse-racism' ... instead of whites for 'initial-racism'.

Time will tell - I like you, will/should get more informed on what exactly is going on with this here. I'll come back to you soon with more of my findings.

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