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Fox & the Media...

It's not news to me. Back in 1999 I Stopped watchin the news. I became aware of how negative the news was, and how the news was being used to control the People watching the news.

It's all about energy - we human beings live in a Humungous Energy feild, filled with positive and negative energy and we all feel it. We feel the joys the highs of happiness, the frustration and the lows of sadness. We call it Emotion. Energy in Motion.

And what most of us are completely unaware of is how the media has mastered the art of playing with our emotions. True story - there's a bit in the movie anchorman that most people do Not get. It's Sooo funny to me. After an hour of reporting on who got shot, and what went wrong; they close out with the Squirrel on water ski's.

A meaningless story at the end to sign off on a 'good note' - even though they spent an hour on every bad note they could find. This is not explained in Anchorman the way I just did, they just throw it in there; I've spoken on this here at thaShow before. Anyways, that bit is Soooo funny to me because real newscasts do the same thing.

This video about Fox attacking black america came to me through another board; and I must say that I was not shocked to see it; but I enjoyed how they broke down their tactics because they become evident when watching the Entire clips that the original video was put together from.

In the video with Obama's pastor you'll notice that Sean Hannity never really let's the pastor Speak. When the pastor mentions that they're teachings originated inthe 60's he moves right over that. He makes the comparrison that if you swap out the word black using the word white, that it would be considered racist.

It would be - and with good reason. However Hannity is using a tactic originally created by the KKK - called reverse racism. It's this idea that somehow, black people are capable of being racist.

If we look at the word for what it is, then sure - black people are capable of being racist. However, black people do not have the power to negatively effect white people with their racism, while just the opposite is true for white people who own businesses, who decide what tv show goes on the air or what music video gets in the rotation.

I'll try to stay on track here - reverse racism, was originally launched by the KKK as a counter-tactic to blacks using 'racism' as a way to gain more rights in America. Many of us are unaware of this - because the media does not care to remind any of us about these sorts of things.

The media is playing with us - they are playing with our emotions. And indeed, it's people like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reily who keep racism alive and well in this country. Do you know where the media came from?

Do a search on google and you may be shocked at what you find.

The Media originated from a group of people in Persia, known as the Medes - a few other names for them include the Magi or the Magik Men - Yes folks, the 3 Magi who went to visit Jesus on his birthday were these very same people from the Medes aka the media.

They are credited as being people for whom we base the word Magic - defined here in WikiPedia as Magic and sorcery are the influencing of events, objects, people and physical phenomena by mystical, paranormal or supernatural means.

Following along yet? Keep reading ...

Now, let's think for a second about 'what' the media is in todays society. The media is rooted in the word medium. Medium, being the vessel used to deliver it's message. The media therefor is any group that uses mediums that reach people - such as the Internet; Such as Television; Such as the Radio: and such as Newspapers & Magazines.

By far the medium that has the most impact on people in society is Television. The Internet is too spread out; there are too many sources; some believable, some not. People essentially put power and trust into different media outlets; trusting some more, trusting others less. This is how journalism got it's start; effectively winning over people, growing a fan base of readers who would follow them and their stories.

However, once the fan base was built, it became easy to abuse that power - This is today's media abusing it's power at will; although If you've ever seen "Bowling for Columbine" you'll know the media has been abusing it's power for quite some time now.

It's a great movie which speaks to how our media has used FEAR to get people in this society to do what they want done. To enforce racism the media put out 'propaganda' depicting blacks as wild uncontrollable & dangerous animals who Needed slavery to domesticate them. Much effort was put into making white men fear the concept of a black man sleeping with white women - The media went so far as to put out movies, re-inforcing these negative racist views of blacks.

What's funny is how so many people have been led, by the media, to believe that none of that still goes on today.

It was the media that gave us such images as the sambo, the uncle tom, the lazy ignorant nigger - I'm using that word for a reason - it was the Media who initially took ideas within American Culture and spread them to everyone within reach... of a newspaper, magazine, or television.

Not much has changed.

Today when the media puts out a movie about black people, it depicts black people as wild uncontrollable animals, whom white people should fear. You dont see movies about black Super Heroes, unless it's a Spoof by Robert Townsend. I guess there's Blade... but, he's a Vampire, who's actually quite animalistic in nature - fangs and all. Then there was Spawn, who was released onto earth as the leader of the Devils Army.

Some black super heroe's...

Rarely do you see black people in Space movies, or movies about the future; as if they dont expect blacks to be around then. No, by and large the majority of movies about black people involve violence, and ignorance.

Same goes for what the media puts on it's music stations. Wholesome black acts get some airplay, but not as much as the most ignorant black acts they can find. Why does 3-6 Mafia have their own reality tv show? A show which depicts 2 slow, country bumpkin assistants who cant seem to do anything right, who dont take care of any business whatsoever - and who's lead acts can't seem to focus on getting their business taken care of in a timely manner.

Why is there no reality show on Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Roots, or Common???

The reality is, this is not who the media wants YOU to identify black people with. Which brings me back to the videos.

Is there still a need for churches that cater to mostly black congregations to support the development of black people in America?? I would look around at the problems black people are still facing, and would say loudly YES! There is a need.

So why is this effort being attacked, and called out as Racist by Fox??

Simple; They want to enrage white people. They want white people to vote for some other candidate than Obama; They want white people to view him the same way they view other 'racist' black people who 'get away with' racism towards white people, but are allowed to practice it openly...

It becomes such a messy issue quickly; because that Program reaches MILLIONS of people and utterly brainwashes them before any logic can get to them; Those people already trust the station and it's programs, and have an emotional bond. Emotions move them so strongly during the show that they're ready to believe whatever they're fed by it.

By the time I come along to say "hey, that's not the WHOLE truth" - it's too late!!!

The media does this with everything; You and I MUST unplug! It's ok to watch these things, but we must take back our TRUST in these stories.

Dont think for a second that FOX is the only channel attacking blacks - nearly every channel is... and has been, for quite some time. The media is always attacking something... it's constantly working to create a society full of FEARFUL people.

Look at the terrorist alert - constantly keeping people afraid of terrorism. Look at the flip flopping on foods; One week corn is great for you, 2 weeks later corn will kill you faster than a speeding bullet. Disasters get emergency coverage - whatever you're watching cannot be as important as watching people suffer in the aftermath of Katrina. (which the media took as another opportunity to attack black people, by calling them refugee's - while referring to whites as displaced americans.)

All of this has been covered at ThaShow - and if you will gain Historical Perspective, understand who and where the media comes from, you will begin to see what I've been warning you all about.

You Must unplugg! - The system is not rigged for your happiness; Living in America is not about giving YOU freedom to attain happiness; only pursue it - to chase after it - and all while you are on your journey, the media interrupts - with BillBoards that catch your attention while you're driving - cell phones which constantly ring, contstantly distract us, and why do we have them? Because the media was telling us how important they are to have!

Next thing you know they'll be fearmongering us about our cell phones, telling us they'll cause brain tumors...

Oh, they've done that already? And yet, cell phone usage has grown!

The media is a very, very powerful player - I put up a joke the other day from a guy talking about the recent news (media) attacks on MySpace - saying that it's crawling with pedophiles; Now people are afraid of the internet.

People have been made to fear the internet for a while now actually - when people first started using the net to meet others, the media put out reports of how dangerous that could be. Like a viral video word spread - to where most women would assume that every man on the net is a potential serial killer or rapist.

Therefore, the very idea of meeting a man from the net became dangerous, stupid, and just not worth the risk; Because he could turn out to be a rapist... or a serial killer.

Nevermind the reality - that most people are killed, and/or raped by someone they already know. Nevermind the reality that rapist and serial killers came way before the internet.

It's not logical to say that there's no chance a rapist would use the net to find victims, or a pedophile would do the same; But it's equally not logical to say the % is higher, that it's happening on here - when there are literally no facts issued to back that up.

But do people demmand facts? No, because we've already given our Trust to the media. Our parents trusted them, so we trust them too - blindly, no questions asked.

So when Fox attacks Black America, the average white person watching it does not feel that they are being led, or influenced to think a certain way about black people, and black issues - instead it never crosses their mind; They believe whole heartedly that these black people are just getting away with murder ... like always ... like OJ.

Don't let the media control you.

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