Thursday, May 03, 2007

Koppel on Discovery - Talkin bout Iran

A very interesting program put on by the Discovery Channel - that someone put on YouTube - make sure you take this one in as it most likely will not be online for long.

Koppel on Discovery - Iran the most dangerous nation.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Enjoy that? ... Now if you could not watch this all in one sitting, be sure you bookmark us, Subscribe to our RSS Feed, and come back to finish watching this very interesting series. My thoughts - later.

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Al King said...

So much of this report by Ted Kopple reminds me of my talks on "culture" - and specifically What Culture is.

You have here, what seems to be a culture of Hate. Generations upon Generations have been 'brainwashed' - or more specifically Fed Ideas about America that are not exactly positive.

And yet, how do any of us know if this is a true reflection of Most Iranians today? We do not, do we?

I dont like this world that consists of a 'war on terror' - and a supposed threat of terrorism hitting us one of these days; The whole idea of staying on edge all the time is bothersome frankly.

Because you know how we Americans get - complacent - Very easily we will (and most likely have already) forget to stay on our toes.

Then - we'll get hit again. However, what about all of those people who claim we never got hit to begin with... that it was all an inside job...? Who really knows anything anymore.

If Ted Koppel indeed has given us a peak inside Iran, is it an unbiased view? Has the film been edited for sensationalism? Were the good - level headed thoughts weeded out of the final product? ... So many questions, and I'm not so sure that I have answers on this one.