Monday, May 07, 2007

I just signed up for this...

And you should too.

As I've mentioned here at thaShow, I'm a veteran of the internet; Been using it for over 12 years now; and I can truly say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you WILL Make money by signing up for Agloco - AND using their product(software).

Getting Paid to Surf the web.

This is not a new concept by any means. I signed up with 2 of the first ever p2s products to hit the web; and I got paid.

I didn't make BIG money - because I didn't have a BIG team; and that's what making the big money is all about.

The opportunity is there.

Today, you can join - and refer this site to all of your friends. If only 5 sign up and do the same as you - you're looking at a potential to earn money when Other people surf the web.

You and I refer people to things all the time - shouldn't we get paid?

Agloco is a ground breaking opportunity and right now you can start assembling your Team of Referrals; They're yet to release their 'viewbar' - but when they do people who got in early, people who built a team of referrals, are going to start making money Right Away.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch - because that's exactly what It is. However I only sell from the heart, and from experience - and I'm telling you this is a Big Opportunity - It's legit - and you WILL make money.

How much you make however, will be up to you.

Why people don't make money

The reason people dont make money with "opportunities" like this one is, they hear about it, read about it, then don't do Anything with it. They say to themselves.. "hmm that's interesting" - then they go play Bejeweled on Yahoo Games. They could've had a viewbar running, getting paid while they played that game - but they've already put it out of their mind.

Others sign up - then 'forget' to turn on the viewbar when they sign onto the internet. Evenstill others sign up, use the viewbar, but put no effort whatsoever into telling their friends to use it too. They get discouraged when the friends they Do tell are not interested.

All of these are easily avoidable reasons - but reasons nonetheless for why people Don't make money in these kinds of "opportunities"

The Good News is ...

If you can avoid doing that - if you can Not be discouraged by people saying they're not interested, if you can remember to use the viewbar when you log onto the internet, if you can Remember to tell others and keep telling others, and tell others to tell others - if you can be patient, and dilligent - You can make LOTS of money.

Who's in? Sign up today.

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