Sunday, May 20, 2007

The truth - what's really happening online.

I want to start out with a good comic bit by a guy, making fun of the news' fearmongering when it comes to making parents afraid of the social networking giant, MySpace.

... a funny way to address and approach a very real situation. The question remains, "is this really a threat?" ...A discussion is taking place in our country right now about this very thing. Because our society is now facing a new, bold era - where criminals are being 'created' - harmless men lured into doing what they otherwise wouldn't... for ratings, and more profits.

Meanwhile, the real dangers and threats in our society are walking free - The family member who's molesting their young, the neighborhood rapist who's stalking kids walking home from school - no efforts are being made to prevent them from inflicting harm.

We're being asked to fear a threat that does not exsist. And yet so many are so hyped up by it, so trusting of the source that delivers the threat warnings, that they do not stop to think if they are following the right leads. Much is being said and I think it's worth a read - a very good discussion indeed.